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  • Investment_Machine Investment_Machine Apr 22, 1999 10:26 AM Flag

    AOL will plow through earning estimates


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    • ve that liability away.

    • Gotta check out this site , its by far the best!

    • I have no confirmation of any purchase though it
      wouldn't surprise me if any one of many are interested in
      VTPI. This Company is building momentum in alliances,
      licensing, partnerships and avenues of marketing and name
      recognition. They have THE best tele/video conferencing
      product on the market, bundled into a very respectable
      PC. And again, the software codec product opens the
      otherside of the market for them immensly, the consumer.
      Following is an email response from the company.

      10:33 AM 4/23/99 -0700, you wrote:
      We've been
      waiting for a couple of months for some news from
      TeleCon East Trade Show, or any news. The last news we've
      seen was on the software codec (Mar 16), anything more
      on that? It's been more than 3 months since the
      announcement of the internet marketing. Is there any news to
      be released shortly. Thank you for any information,
      Sincerely, Interested Investors.

      Hi John,

      Since TeleCon East we have been very busy on May
      projects. TeleCon East was most likely the best, most
      successful show we have had. There will be news released
      when appropriate.

      Take Care,
      Carl Ceragno


    • a recent IPO with low float (2 million shares) up 20% today?

    • Try To Build This!
      (NYSE: AOL)
      April 16,
      by Kevin


      Wow, AOL really is the gorilla. Try to catch
      up with these guys, just
      try. Here's what you'd
      have to do:

      Serve 2.6 billion web pages each
      Facilitate the exchange of 56 million daily
      Hand out 121 million stock quotes.

      Exchange 432 million instant messages.
      Host 17 million
      members for an average of 55 minutes usage each day.

      At the peak, serve 1.1 million users, twice CNN and
      CNBC's audiences.
      Serve 50 million unique users on
      your web sites.
      Find 25 million users for client
      based chat service (ICQ), and
      convince them to log
      on for hours each week.
      Purchase large stakes in
      online giants like The Motley Fool,
      Excite, NetGrocer, and Online Chef.
      Lock down huge
      marketing contracts with, Barnes & Noble,

      First USA, CBS, Tel-Save, E*Trade, Ameritrade, Schwab,
      DLJ, and
      countless others.
      Why is AOL valued
      at $135 billion? Read that list one more time, that

      is why AOL is valued so highly.

      The market is
      waking up to the fact that the AOL model is the

      ultimate all-encompassing direct marketing medium. They
      exclusive access to almost 4% of 17 million
      member's days. Add web
      property and ICQ usage to that,
      factor in the time a person has to
      sleep, and AOL
      could be locking up 10% of up to 50 million American's

      time each day. How much would you pay for that power?

      You heard it here first, AOL will be the first
      trillion dollar

    • Full on agree, but who am I to agrue against the
      waves of people that insist splits do equal more value.
      It has happen in the past that stocks actually go
      DOWN after splits. Honest!!! Not saing that will
      happen to AOL. Very much doubt it, in fact.

    • Point well taken. Wanted to point out other possibilities.
      To much talk that only splits = value.

    • for th emoment, but I am also in at 98. Unfortunately, the 100 I bought today was for my mother. Oh well, she doesn't see cnbc.....

    • All AOL has to do is get approval from the share
      holders to increase the number of shares available. And
      the way everybody loves splits, do you really think
      there is a chance that such a vote would not

      CNET (next to positive it was CNET), today, announced
      a 2:1 split today pending share holder approval.
      Same with PFE when they announced their split.

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