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  • ckdamascus ckdamascus Apr 23, 1999 9:42 AM Flag

    Major AOL Shareholders selling 30 mill

    Some of the major share holders like sprint and a
    couple of other big investors are selling off their 28
    mil + 2 mil shares... this might be effectively
    lowering the price with such a huge volume of selling. I
    still think AOL is a good stock, just expect some
    turbulence today because of such a huge volume that is
    destined to be sold. It would be a good buying time IMHO.

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    • ATHM price/sales multiple. In my opinion AOL is
      way undervalued relative to ATHM, selling at a
      discount of only 1/5th to 1/6th ATHM's price/sales per
      share multiple. As I recall from today's figures, ATHM
      is selling at a p/s of 276 times trailing 12 months'
      (ttm) revenue per share. If AOL were priced using
      ATHM's multiple, AOL would be at 276 x AOL's $3.10 ttm
      revenue per share = $855. $855 is the value of AOL today
      if priced using ATHM's multiple. In other words, AOL
      would have to increase in price by more than 500% from
      here before it would be selling at the same
      price/revenue multiple as ATHM.

      IMO, AOL is the first
      mover, got big quick, has the content, the profits, the
      coolness factor that warrant its position as the blue chip
      of the web. I agree with Steve Harmon that AOL looks
      like the next Microsoft only better.

      All of
      the above in my personal opinion only. Do your own
      due diligence.

    • Click on this URL for my

      [In reply to the poster who took issue with my
      analysis: trailing 12 months vs future growth is a
      snapshot, but imo sales will continue to grow rapidly for
      AOL and I doubt that ATHM will ever catch AOL. AOL is
      the first mover, got big quick and now dominates the
      net space. Plus content is king and AOL is the king
      of content imo. As for bandwith, if you want it, AOL
      could deliver it including w/ DSL over your existing
      line and ultimately wireless. I wont be buying cable
      or cable access -- dont want to waste time and money
      on cable tv and isp and dont need it even if it were
      widely available which it apparently is not (and if if
      were ever to become more available, and your neighbors
      actually used it, I am told that such widespread use would
      degrade the speed of your cable loop and thus your
      internet service -- so what's the point!). All of the
      above in my personal opinion only]

    • remember AOL have run up for two day
      Monday's panic selloff. I would
      expect an Earing-run up
      starting on
      Monday. If a surprising split would
      announced with the earning, AOL
      would continue to run
      all the way to


    • The stock is taking a breather after a sizable
      run-up the last few days. The fact that the stock is
      down (a little, i might add) on low volume isn't
      distressing. If the stock was down on high volume, it might be
      cause for some concern. Low volume movements on the
      upside or downside are not indicative of momentum. Cool
      out, guys! Go AOL>

    • week 101 percent guaranteed...Oh well, just a blah Friday.

    • Why insult on this message board? It is for AOL discussion.
      Anyways, AOL LONG!

    • Now if it would only move up to -2 every day wow!
      Good thinking Narth, I'll buy 1000 shares and if every
      day could be a good one like today (-2) wow. It's a
      great day for aol when it only loses 2 bucks a share.
      Meanwhile the other net stocks are taking off.

    • it was down $6. Now it has moved up to down only $2 1/2. I stand corrected it has moved up to down only $2. :-)

      Remember, everything is relative.

    • DOWN 2 1/2 on a day when most internet stock are up considerably is NOT MOVING UP SLOWLY BUT SURELY. I think in most parts of the world, - 2 1/2 is considered MOVING DOWN.

    • bajoooooon and dellman are brothers. both losers.

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