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  • bullbullbull_98 bullbullbull_98 Apr 23, 1999 11:28 PM Flag

    awesomejdane: nice post! DSL is the key

    to AOL's high speed success.

    DSL is more
    convenient, more affordable than cable modem.

    year-end 1999, AOL will have 25 million subscribers -
    million through DSL, bigger than cable modem

    By yearend 2000, those numbers will be 50 million
    and 5 million,

    By that time
    AOL would have split 3-4 more times and the

    pre-split price of AOL will be around

    That's my estimate!!!

    GO AOL!!!

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    • =4/27

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    • I do own AOL also but hold a larger portion of ATHM.

    • ATHM isp is for searching the net first and
      contents 2nd. You can do many things such as chat on Yahoo
      which is free. The internet itself has a lifetime of
      content already including streaming videos and MP3's
      which many AOL people cannot effeciently take advantage
      of because the speed makes it virtually impossible.
      If speed is no big deal AOL should not fight for
      open access. Your post make virtually no sense at all.
      I love the internet but I do not use AOL. Some love
      AOL and can run AOL with ATHM. What is your main

    • - Cable Modems: Not So Fast?

      WE EXPECTED some acrid email from America
      Online (AOL) devotees when we ran a story last week
      suggesting that
      the Dulles dynamo might lose customers
      to cable-modem-service providers such as At Home
      (ATHM) and Road Runner, a
      service owned by Time
      Warner (TWX) and MediaOne (UMG). But we didn't expect
      readers who use these cable modems
      to be so
      disdainful of the service they already get.

      reader called it "spotty." Another used the word "lame."
      Edmund Kwan wrote, "Many of my friends have At Home. I

      was told At Home goes down about two to three times a
      week, and each time for hours." A Colorado reader
      wrote, "At
      Home is down about 50% of the time. The
      only reason I use At Home is because I want my phone
      line available [when I
      use the Web]." So maybe AOL
      has more time than we thought to cobble together a
      strong broadband strategy.

      For the short term,
      even At Home bulls don t see the service trampling
      AOL. Merrill Lynch analyst Henry Blodget, in

      initiating At Home coverage with a Buy rating last week,
      wrote that the stock should "trend higher as long as
      the company
      continues to meet or exceed targets."
      Merrill, which is advising At Home in its purchase of
      Excite (XCIT), says the
      company "could challenge
      AOL" if that merger thrives. But since that s a big
      "if," At Home first needs to upgrade its
      and customer service. ....

      full story:

    • Like you post as well. I guess my response for
      now would have to be a wait and see. I have many
      friends here in MA that work in the tech feild, most if
      not all think DSL will be the future.98% of us
      households are hitched to phone service while I believe its
      58% are hitched to cable. Right off the bat numbers
      are better. DSL is available over copper lines from a
      company that is connected end to end. Cable lines are at
      present are old an need major updating to be able to
      handle the inet.they are brought to you via deverse
      companies , mainly indipendent of each other and not all
      interconnected. Cable lines are shared lines, DSL lines are not.
      DSL line also cut down on the need for 2 phone lines
      for many individuals, you can have voice and data
      I believe that broadband is the way of the
      future I just have different thoughts about how we, the
      public, will be accessing it.
      I may be wrong, may be
      right. The only thing I can say for sure is, that AOL
      will not be left behind. Do we really think that
      anything that has been said on thsi board about broadband
      has not been talked about in greater detail, adn by
      more sophisticated individuals then us.

      have a
      good weekend all.

    • Mr. Case is truly an innovator, and a man of
      vision. The new ideas that they are bringing to market
      are remarkable, and will undoubtedly affect the way
      we access the internet in the future. As you know,
      perception of a companies future prospects plays a key role
      in its current price. AOL's stock price, more than
      any other company, is news driven (at least between
      earnings reports). AOL's current price has taken all the
      latest announcements into account, and will only be bid
      higher by a strong earnings showing this Tuesday. If
      they beat the whisper, AOL will explode. If
      As for the long term, I as a long term investor with
      a considerable stake in AOL have to be convinced
      that the broadband
      "problem" will not hamper AOL's
      ability to sustain its growth. I am not convinced that
      AOL has a strong broadband strategy, or if they do,
      it has not been articulated to me in a way that
      convinces me that they've "tackled" the issue. The INSTANT
      that investors perceive AOL's growth is slowing, the
      price will be cut in half. In other words, AOL is
      priced for perfection. How the internet is accessed may
      not be a major issue this year or next, but in the
      next 3-5 years, broadband could be AOL's achille's

    • Earnings/profits drive a stock price, not news
      and hype.
      AOL will continue to go up and split and
      go up and split as long as it keeps turnin a good
      profit. These news releases will only have temporary
      effect, doesnt concern me, as long as they keep beatin
      the numbers !


    • much contents. That is a drawback. However, for many people, if they can go to,,,, ... it is good enough.

    • Based on 3 log-ins a day. I don't know if we even have on. Does your County Net have all the features of aol? Is it as good?

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