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  • biguy322hater biguy322hater May 7, 1999 3:04 PM Flag

    Biguy - A Phony

    A previous Biguy post:

    "No, genius, I am
    wathcjing ticks. But i also like to check over hear, and
    look at the morons post. You are my

    What a jack-ass. Over hear, or over here? Boy Biguy,
    for someone that freely gives out literary criticisms
    on a regular basis, you just don't seem that
    intelligent yourself. I bet that despite the tough/smart guy
    image you try to maintain within this chat room, in
    reality you're some young, skinny faggot that barely
    graduated from high school or some crappy college. On top
    of that, you probably got the shit kicked out of you
    all the time.

    You're a phony, and you're also
    an insecure freak. Quit the spell checking too, you
    derelect. You suck at it.

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