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  • PgmrxAtHome PgmrxAtHome May 11, 1999 11:38 AM Flag

    The also-rans get together!

    Direct TV got their ass kicked by cable and AOL
    got theirs kicked by T. They get together to try to
    combine their services thru, and now get
    satellite dish to a set top box that needs a dedicated
    phone line thru a 56k modem! WOW! A breakthrough! They
    haven't even developed
    it yet! What happened to ADSL?
    What will this service cost? Imagine when something
    goes wrong - who do you call? How fast is the

    upload/download? How much will this cost them to implement this?
    How much doe a set top box cost? What about the
    existing satellite box?
    Does the customer throw it

    I'll reserve judgement on this 'new'
    They really have no other choice if they want to
    Cable beat satellite dish tv already and AOL has
    no broadband access.

    The AOL price is up
    because of a ML upgrade not this news.

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    • hugh gap-up to 149 ..tons of buy on close on dips was the truth..not sell but buy on dips...

    • What other business does it want to go into? As
      Grove pointed out, the internut world seems to have
      unlimited capital thrown at it, because people are dazzled
      by the possibilities. But it is just that,
      possibility. Reality will hit some time. It took 40 years for
      an investor to recover his money after Radio
      Corporation of America (RCA) collapsed in 1929. Radio was a
      great technology. The internet is a great technology.
      Both seemed to be "limitless" in potential. But in the
      end, all businesses are valued on one thing: CASH
      FLOW. Unlike MSFT, AOL will never be able to extract
      monopoly rents. It is like any other broadcaster, but with
      an interactive element. At some point, wall street
      will see the limits and begin to assign a real value
      to the company. Today's real value, assuming it can
      exercise its strategy: 50 dollars.

    • AOL has a combination of branded products, 18
      million subscribers and high-speed access opportunities
      suggest AOL is THE strongest Internet related stock and
      that it's fundamentals are strong.'' AOL has huge
      leverage to embrace broadband at cost of AT&T or partner
      with them. They also have high speed access levereage
      with big DSL/Wireless announcements within one to four

      Number One is AOL has a strong revenue machine built
      into its Internet service business, but the company's
      potential for advertising and electronic commerce revenues
      is its ``hidden gem.''

      AOL will power up to
      $230 over next month and split announcement will be
      announced at annual shareholders meeting to power it even
      high. Shorts if you haven't covered yet -- it's too
      late see ya at 250 plus!

    • people continue to short this stock. Time and
      time and time again AOL bottoms out just to explode
      and leave the bodies of a new generation of shorts in
      its wake. Guess there truly is one born every

      Shorts, your pain has just begun.

    • get loser.

    • There is a bit of resistance at 139 for AOL....
      if AOL can summon enough buying pressure to
      breakthrough 140, then it's full steam ahead to 160 where more
      resistance will be encountered. For now, things look upbeat
      on the stock. Everyone fails to remeber that AOL has
      over 17 million suscribers and therefore alot of
      LONG AOL and good luck to all AOL holders.

    • & Intel in will find same
      valuatioons + negative comments such as yours. Recognise that
      Internet = same drama plays as the microprocessor and
      mdos...the difference is that Internet is the individuals
      game + its mind-bogling globality.

    • ere. Last chance for shorts.

    • eat me loser

      u don't get it does u?

    • SPCO_is_ready_to_takeoff SPCO_is_ready_to_takeoff May 11, 1999 1:54 PM Flag

      Software Publishing Corp. (SPCO) is getting ready to launch its community website Software Publishing is widely known for its
      Harvard Graphics software and it has put its top
      programming talents into developing the new web community.
      SPCO's web community is comparable to those of GeoCities
      and SPCO has 2.10 million shares float and
      less than 4 million shares outstanding. SPCO currently
      trades around $2 and has a market cap of only $8.2
      million. Compare that to $103 per share and a market cap
      of $3.35 billion for GeoCities and $82 per share and
      $1.31 billion in market cap for -- SPCO is

      Buy it now for a huge reward when the
      community website is launched. The upside potential of this
      company is incredible. The web community itself is worth
      several times the current stock price. What would the
      valuation of the web community be if it were to be spun-off
      in an IPO or sold to another firm? The community
      website sector is now very HOT - as witnessed by the deal
      between NBC and

      Check out the chart of
      SPCO. The stock currently is in a strong up-trend and
      on its way back to the $20 range where it was
      trading three years ago:

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