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  • MarkHaynesCNBC95 MarkHaynesCNBC95 May 13, 1999 8:34 PM Flag

    Can anyone reccomend a good place to

    eat....Im hungry

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    • maybe it's time for you to think a little deeper...

    • cover or else!!!!! aol long!!! go aol!!!

    • INTERVIEW-PacNet sees acquisition growth

      May 14, 1999 09:50 AM
      By Doreen Siow

      SINGAPORE, May 14 (Reuters) - Pacific Internet Ltd expects
      to grow its business mainly through acquisitions
      this year, chief executive Nicholas Lee said.

      The Internet service provider (ISP), a unit of
      SembCorp Industries , would have no problem funding its
      expansion as it has not touched the US$35 million that it
      raised from its public offering on Nasdaq earlier this
      year, Lee said in an interview with Reuters.

      "We have not spent any of that money yet. We also
      have the ability to raise some money from debt and
      lastly we will try to use our stock as currency," he

      Internet companies in the United States,
      most of which trade at very high valuations, often
      give out their shares to acquire new start-up

      PacNet has seen its share price almost
      quadrupled since its listing in early February.

      said all options would be considered during an
      acquisition but the company would first employ its cash
      before going into debt or use its stock.

      company has just filed with the Securities and Exchange
      Commission for up to 2.125 million shares.

      Lee said
      the issue of the vendor shares was mainly to meet
      investors' demand for greater liquidity in PacNet shares.

      On prospects, the group saw good growth potential in
      the region as well as in Singapore, its home base.

      "Internet penetration in Singapore is only 15 percent of
      the population. There is no reason why it should not
      be 100 percent."

      On the region, PacNet
      expects to launch an Internet service in Australia and
      probably in India this year.

      "We don't have an
      Internet licence yet in India. But when we last spoke to
      the Indian authorities, they felt we were very close
      and it was only a matter of going through the

      On PacNet's plans to expand into
      telephony services, he said he could not give a time-frame
      as to when that might take off.

      He said
      PacNet had permission from the regulatory authorities
      and it has also got callback rates from large U.S.
      resellers but added that it needed time to "learn how to do
      it" as it was not a telephony company.

      competitors for PacNet in the region were the national
      telecom companies, like Singapore Telecom , HongKong
      Telecom and Philippines Long Distance Telecom , who have
      their own respective ISPs.

      However, he did not
      foresee competition on the Internet telephony front from
      national telcos as that would mean the latter
      "canabilising" their own market.

      The company also
      expects greater economies of scale when it expands

      Dial up access charges would still be the
      main revenue contributor though it may not be the most
      profitable part of the business, he said.

      Lee also
      said electronic commerce was also not taking off as
      fast as expected in the region.

      companies in Singapore are really not ready for e-commerce.
      If you try to buy things from these guys, you can't
      buy anything. Our banking system is also not quite

      He noted that banks in Singapore as well
      as Hong Kong could only take payment for purchases
      on the Internet in local currencies or U.S. dollars,
      making it difficult for either cities to fulfill their
      ambition of being an e-commerce hub.

      "How are you
      going to sell regionally? You need a critical mass," he

      ((Singapore Newsroom +65 870 3080, Fax
      +65 776 8112

    • we are gonna close at the 130's today...hate coward people..

    • on AOL. I do not short, in general. Although I do
      believe that any short in the 140 to 160 range will be a
      long term winner. When the stock trades at 140+ you
      can pick up Aug. 80s for 2 bucks or so. When the
      stock drops to 120, you can sell those same puts for 4.
      100 % return. Not bad. And if ever the people find
      out, like I believe, that the emperor has no clothes,
      you have hit a major home run, i.e. 1000 to 2000
      percent return.


    • Everyone rates it a buy. I dont know about AOL in
      the next few weeks but every cable co. out there is
      going to be begging aol to come aboard. There is way to
      much competition. AOL can make or break a company so
      just hold on to this baby and watch it soar. Oh every
      mm is buying as much as they can they know this is
      the future

    • BUY NOW !!!!!!!!!!

    • You say our days are numbered, but all the analyst, even the conservative ones, are up-grading! thank god we have you to lean on for accurate information instead of the inaccurate info from analyst!

    • BigBrownBULLBendingYouOver BigBrownBULLBendingYouOver May 14, 1999 10:01 AM Flag

      is big shot.

      i challenge you. short the same numbers that i go long at noon today. let's see who has the most money on next earnings date. deal?

    • cow and that is why when the hypers aren't buying
      in. It is a big time short opportunity. People are
      seeing the hughes deal for what it is. A pie in the sky
      attempt to get into broadband without cutting an ATT
      deal. Let's face it. AOLs days as an ISP are numbered
      and as a portal alone it doesn't have nearly the cash
      flow or the value for big money investors. Big money
      is clearing out on this baby. The funds are lowering
      there percentages of holdings because they don't want a
      raft of POed investors who thought speculative stocks
      were not part of the deal.

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