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  • sammybegood sammybegood Jun 3, 1999 2:32 PM Flag

    my profits much higher than yours..why?

    Because I am not an emotional dumb-fuck like you.
    Obviously by the tone and meaness of your post, you are
    losing your ass big time. I feel sorry for all
    losers....especially big ones like yourself. Don't take it out on me.
    Look in the mirror.

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    • I'm sorry to hear about you're 50 % loss. I'm not
      going to tell you what to do but I would suggest that
      you look at ALL the facts out in the market. IMO it
      does not look good, and you can't therefore expect
      your investment to pop-up back with help from the the
      market going into a "momentum" again. That momentum-play
      is exactly what FED/Greenspan are killing now
      because if it would continue it would put the total
      future US-economy into danger. Don't think that this is
      the bottom it's still far, far away. IMO it's better
      to be safe than sorry when it comes to

      Take care.



      type in AOL---or any stock and click "opinion"..


    • This guy is jerk, get me german beer please.

    • Alright Lads, before I get started I must say
      that Maria Bartiromo looked spectacular today in
      lovely satin, pink outfit. She was certainly a site for
      sore eyes, although for the life of me I can't
      remember what she said. Anyway, I believe that the likes
      of Aol, Ebay, Amzn and Yhoo have already corrected
      in anticipation of not only tomorrows report but
      also for a 25 basis point increase in the interest
      rate. In other words, I believe this stock will be
      stagnant until all reports have been released and then see
      an upward trend, possibly even test a 52-week high
      with a positive news release by Mr. Case. I believe we
      are near some sort of a news release. A company just
      does not have a $5bill offering without first having
      decided on what its plans are for the future, and what
      that plan will cost. In my humble opinion, I believe
      AOL has a huge plan in the making. A broadband
      strategy comes to mind intially. I have always been
      taught, and truly believe that patience is a virtue. Good
      things come to those who wait. Come on Longs, It is up
      to us to make believers out of others and take this
      stock to new levels. Good Day maties.

    • shares, then you don't need and don't spend your
      on this board, liar. Get some fucks with some nice
      OH, OH, I know: You are UNABLE to fuck right
      Even viagra still don't work with you.
      You rather
      die than live without enjoying,
      even you have
      ($100 X 75000 = $ 7,500,000)

      ALERT!!! Mike EEE
      is disable...

    • *******

    • believe the job figure will be 250,000 and that
      the interest rate hike is a 'given'

      Be glad
      when it is declared a hike - maybe we can get on with
      the business of investing instead of being 'hounded'
      by rate hike yes - rate hike no!!!!

    • The thing to do is average down buy buying more
      at this price. So what if AOL goes to 90; average
      down again. I'm assuming some people out here have
      money to invest; if not hold on to your shares. The
      only reason to sell now is if you bought back before
      1999, with a profit; and need the money for some
      important reason (i.e. house payment.) DO NOT SELL just
      because you are psychologically nervouse that your
      portfolio is heading south. You have to hold AOL long term
      (4-10 yrs.) The heck with the shorts ( 95% of the posts
      on this board rigt now are the shorts.) They may be
      making some money now, but the longs will prosper in the
      LONG run; makes sense, doesn't it?!!!!

    • With posts like yours, you are no doubt, a SHORT! AOL is a quality company and will come back strong.

    • should it be occur will give a good opportunity
      to short at a higher price. It will give yet another
      correction. But it's still not enough to change the trend --
      the downward trend.
      CPI will be the final call. If
      CPI goes down .7 then I can almost guarantee you that
      this stock will change its trend. Otherwise you can
      bet on a long term fall.


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