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  • GospElvis GospElvis Jun 5, 1999 4:20 PM Flag

    Another story on the ruling from Wired

    Portland Trumps AT&T in Court
    by Polly

    2:20 p.m. 4.Jun.99.PDT
    A federal
    court judge on Friday dismissed an
    AT&T suit
    against the City of Portland,
    Oregon, that sought to
    force the city to
    open up roadblocks in its
    acquisition of TCI
    in the area.

    The telecom
    giant brought the suit because
    Portland and
    surrounding Multnomah
    County had refused to transfer
    TCI's local
    cable assets to AT&T as part of the
    of the two companies.

    See also:
    Picking Fights in the Northwest

    City and
    county officials said they were
    trying to protect
    the rights of small local
    Internet service
    providers (ISPs) by insisting
    that AT&T open up TCI's
    broadband cable
    service. The officials said that they
    will only
    approve the transfer if AT&T agrees to
    up its broadband assets to competition.

    The lawsuit was filed in US District Court for

    the District of Oregon on 19 January. In a

    decision dated Thursday, and released
    Friday morning,
    Judge Owen Panner upheld
    the city's right to block
    the transfer of

    Currently, the
    only ISP offering broadband
    service in the
    Portland area is At Home, the
    majority of which is
    owned by TCI. ISP
    competitor America Online and
    telephone competitor US West would both
    to see AT&T open up its broadband

    Although city officials said their action

    sought to protect local ISPs, critics say that

    America Online was behind the decision.
    The online
    service provider is anxious to
    crack the broadband
    market, and while city
    officials admit they've been
    in contact with
    AOL, they say the company had
    nothing to
    do with their actions.

    decision is inexplicable," said Mark
    Rosenblum, an
    AT&T vice president of law,
    in a statement. "AT&T
    raised numerous
    substantial challenges to these
    going to the jurisdictions� legal authority
    adopt these rules as well as the soundness
    the rules themselves. The most
    significant aspect
    of the decision is its
    failure to address any of
    these challenges in
    a meaningful way."

    continue to believe strongly in the
    merits of our
    legal arguments. The actions
    taken by officials of
    Portland and Multnomah
    County are beyond the legal
    municipalities have to review cable franchise

    transfers," Rosenblum added.

    "Clearly we will
    continue to pursue our legal

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    • as to why you feel going long on AOL is a gamble.

    • A typical childish response from someone who has
      not done is homework and is simply gambling by going
      long on AOL. Let me guess you have a gut feeling or is
      I know it will go back up. Typical responses by
      amatures who don't understand the markets or business and
      probably never will. Good Luck peteysff- you'll need it- I
      sure hope this isn't retirement money or college funds
      for your kids. My last reply to such a child!!!!!

    • "Portland's Populist Foray Could Come Back to Haunt Consumers" and paste it to the message board please?

      Thank you.


    • correction. Hope all u out there in AOL land
      don't overdo your buying, or have u noticed one very
      interesting fact. may1st to oct31st is statistically still
      the unfavorable period. Also, PE for market is under
      30, AOL is well, high. 1st to fall are's
      July/August. I do like many aspects of AOL & ATHM. But I am
      afraid the MM's & others in the know are setting up alot
      of novice & not so novice investors up for a slam
      dunk in 7/99 or 8/99. Just be careful. No margin for
      any reason. I got crunched b/c of it. Just my 2cents.

    • All I said was at the time of creation , God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Now, if you don't get it,then something is wrong. Let's get back to business.


      Actually, God made them all...right? :)

      Have a great day.

    • saying aol is going to end up as premium
      provider, such as HBO, is pure speculation, and probably

      Yes, aol's broadband strategy is still a long way from
      being certain, however, cable deployment is going to be
      very slow, barred by technical, marketing,
      maintenance, cost deployment as well as legal obstacles. Based
      on the above, the current preception on the street
      that AOL is going to be simply put of business by
      cable access, seems ridiculous.

    • Soon, anyone who wants speed will be able to get
      speed cheaply. The current mass systems are not exactly
      slow. The future key will be quality of service and
      speed of improvement. The large utilities and old line
      corporations have continued to be slow in "rolling out" their
      services (Time Warner's Roadrunner, for example).
      Moreover, the services have often been poor (T's internet
      service, for example). The winners in this game are the
      visionary entrepreneurs who can execute, like AOL, MSFT
      (except as limited soon by the Feds), and Yahoo.

    • You're short on AOL or you don't have the guts
      get back in. Just go ahead and buy your T- have
      ever used T's Internet service? Only one word for

      it- atrocius. Remember that T has also taken a
      recently- from 62 down to 53. Good luck only
      to AOL
      longs. All you others eat my shorts!!!!

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