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  • VETTMAN1986 VETTMAN1986 Jun 8, 1999 3:03 PM Flag


    Please, would you and the others who seem to get
    such great pleasure out of watching AOL go down, what
    is your motivation? I am sure you don't care a hoot
    about my profits or losses, so what drives you. Be

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    • How could you possibly have a single clue as to AOL's earnings and whether they will be ...Record...or not. Do you work in their corporate accounting office?

    • It is not getting anywhere for very obvious
      reasons. The most important ones are:

      - Lousy
      browser: Incompatible with MS, Slow and stupid, keeps
      interrupt and disconnect you all the time, etc.
      Relatively high monthly charges.
      - Delays in email
      - Bad customer service.
      - Unavailability of high
      speed access.
      - AOL does not support POP but uses
      special server connections incompatible with most
      standard systems.

    • hold

    • Maria is asking questions and is trying to make
      money. You on the other hand are acting like an 11 year
      old going through puberty. If you can't act civilized
      and treat men like gentlemen and women like ladies
      properly go somewhere else!

    • humbly claim to have a great mind. In fact, I
      have learned more from my previous mistakes in
      investing (sometimes transactions of over 100K at a
      time)than my successes. (This is no b.s.). In terms of 112
      after hours, it was reported on TV (CNBC) (business
      report) when I was typing my last report which I posted.
      So, I hope the reporter was reliable. However, I
      appreciate your positive comments. Anyway, here is my
      estimate on how bad it could get: Even below the 100's.
      But not to fear. Why? Let me give you the analogy of
      a rubberband: The more you pull it back, the more
      it will snap back with even more power. This is why
      I am not concerned about this dip in AOL's price.
      It could get pretty ugly psychologically if we drop
      below 100. However, I am certain that with the earnings
      report coming July 3lst, the lower that AOL is below
      100, the more this rubber band will snap back - and
      with real velocity. Why? because when AOl is down at
      EVER CLOSER, I believe many side-line investors will
      come running into this buying opportunity. Why?
      Because AOL's long term fundamentals are currently
      absolutely sound. Check out the 19 plus analysts who also
      agree with me. After all, AOL is the 800 pound internet
      gorilla that makes money. By the way, when AOL really
      begins to "snap back" I truley would not want to be in a
      short's position in a big way when this happenns. Don't
      get me wrong, I actually respect shorts as much as
      longs. I used to do some serious day trading, and
      believe me, you have to have some real nerves of steel to
      be successful. Good luck BigL94550, and all AOL

    • Excellent discussion, pennydog_nj. The keys are destination sites, mass appeal, ad revenues, and e-commerce. The bears' obsession with the pipes is telling.

    • I do not want you to lose why are you so unhappy that people are making money...Cmon.

    • you're right about the market direction but I'm not a trader.
      I am holding long.

    • you're right about the market direction but I'm not a trader.
      I am holding along.

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