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  • instinut instinut Jun 14, 1999 10:35 AM Flag

    Food for thought

    welcome to the flip side of momentum

    -slowing rate of new subscribers
    -rising rate of
    subscriber cancellations
    -falling ad rates
    stronger competitive landscape
    -falling isp
    -stock has fallen 50% yet P/E is still 200

    we are
    heading lower

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    • Unfortunately the human nature has this thing
      called greed. When it gets out of hand that's when
      people get hurt. Peoplle got greedy thinking AOL will go
      up forever and they got hurt. Shorts will get hurt,
      because of greed. Stocks go down and they think, they
      will go down forever. My advice to shorts is you are
      better covering before Wed. This selloff is caused by
      panic because of one freaking CPI report. What if it is
      good on Wed. Just look at oil prices, they ahave
      droped since. Go do some shopping, do you see any sign
      of prices of goods rising. Don't let greed get to
      you. Take it from a seasoned investor, people get
      killed by greed whether long or short.

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      • (re-post because i want to make you longs a bit
        more comfortable)

        i made $800,000 last year
        because i did not panic sell. The big boys are collecting
        the bits (little at a time so you don't notice it)and
        pieces being thrown in by the small investor. This is
        foolish. Aol has not changed much between $175 and $90.
        Would you buy a car at $35,000 now and sell it back to
        the dealer for 17,000 in 2 months. Just hold on or
        even better, buy more (i am not kidding).

    • 13 million traded already, it's only 10:40. the big boys know something. thank you

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