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  • Volatility_Whacko Volatility_Whacko Jul 13, 1999 7:36 AM Flag

    Stop typing ALL CAPS damnit!

    Don't you idiots know that typing all CAPS is
    considered SHOUTING online and it is detested by all
    sophisticated net users? It makes you look like a 5 year old
    punk who doesn't know better.

    STOP IT!

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    • response to earnings...I believe there will be a
      summer rally....

      Dow 1200...Nasdaq 2900....that
      PPI and CPI will be market favorable by
      Thusday and onto next week earnings of

      will lead us to Summer Bull run....

      shorts...sorry "eatswood_160"...LOL..

    • This stock is ready for takeoff!!! Very nice

      Intermost Connection (IMOT)
      Mr. Liang continued, ``Our
      main website,, is now the indisputably
      most popular business database portal in
      Official government sources estimate that there are just
      over 2 million Internet accounts in China -- our
      website gets
      over 1.2 million page views per month. We
      are continuing to upgrade and develop the
      site for it to continue being
      the premier business
      search engine in the market.''

      Intermost is the
      first US-listed information technology firm from China.
      The Company is an Internet content provider in
      focused on business-to- business content hosting and
      maintenance. Intermost is a market leader in providing
      services to large
      organizations and export-oriented

    • YHOO? I bought yhoo a couple of weeks in advance
      thinking that it would do the same thing it did last
      quarter. It went up for a few days and then it made a
      sudden u-turn a few days before it earnings.
      Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get out with small profit.
      You guys need to go to the YHOO board and see how
      many people have been hurt because of what happened.
      Is this same thing going to happen to AOL? I don't
      know. But, if it does we will have a lot of longs here
      bitching. The point is if you are playing AOL, you need to
      take extra caution and don't feel bad taking profit
      ahead of everybody else. You may not hit that ultimate
      target price. But, at least you will be safe. Peace.

    • year. Oh! but you can look foward to the y2k problem to realy hit this stock!!!!

    • Earnings report on 7/22
      I'm long on aol


    • buy ATC

    • How can you be sure? Do you expect the same thing that happened to YHOO might happen to AOL. YHOO sold off two days in advance of its earnings?

    • ...along with bond yield into

      next week MSFT and IBM and AOL earnings...neutral bias
      friendly PPI and CPI.....

      means buying opportunity
      today....this is profit taking before next big push to Dow
      12000 and Nasdaq 2900.....

      Summer Rally laying
      in wait.....the big boys know it..control

      gloom and doom shorts won't fake smart longs out of
      their shares 1 week from earnings........

    • when there are 30,000 open calls that wealthy
      people want to expire worthless at 120 doesnt take brass
      balls. It just makes sense. AOL looks ok now but it
      could plummet to 115 incredibly fast. Its like a
      drunken sailor or the edge of a cliff. If YHOO goes red,
      look for this whole net sector to tank today.

    • I'll say one thing... you have brass ones to short in this market.

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