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  • Idrive155 Idrive155 Aug 1, 1999 10:38 PM Flag


    i buy at 60 when smoke clears.
    if not aol why not csco,cheaper more profitable and fund mgrs love it.

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    • I still have not seen MSFT get upper hand on the
      internut even though MSFT is doing extremely well in
      desktop software biz. I like both of them, in fact.
      Unfortunately, there can not have two dogs in a house without a
      fight for food.

    • then u must be a multimillionaire if u know more
      than a 4th grader, and if so, then u don't need to be
      here, since u r here, therefore, u r a 1st or 2nd
      grader. LOL


    • Is that Microsoft is going to crush the 10,000
      pound gorilla.
      MSFT has always been the king, and
      now they have stated that they are going to
      concentrate on the internet.

      Watch out longs, AOL is
      going to have to come up with something to survive this
      blood bath.

      What ever happen to the

      THE PAC

    • incorporated into ford motor company is volvo, their #1 institutional investor....franklin resources...

    • aol's chart looks like its going down. if aol is
      about to head back up, it wont be like a spring.
      investors are real wary about buying aol. it looks like
      alot of daytraders speaking of buying aol on dips and
      selling the day after it rebounds. real buying wont occur
      until aol starts rebounding for more than just two

    • did you ever hear of the Tour de France?

    • Come on, man.

      Think about it for a

      It seems highly unlikely that AOL will have some
      monster price run all by itself Monday. There are no
      major initiatives happening, there are major question
      marks over its future direction (I think unfounded but
      there anyhow, and perception is reality in the
      marketplace), the nets are having a big problem at the moment
      price wise, inflation fears are back with at least two
      key data reports due this week that have the
      potential to blow the bond yields out even further, Y2K is
      starting to loom (perception is reality again), Case has
      just unloaded a major amount (again perception =

      What on earth is going to bring about this huge rally?
      Short covering? That can push a rally higher, but it
      won't start a rally all by itself.

      People aren't
      just going to buy AOL because they want to take a
      punt. It's going to take some clear message either
      internally from AOL (a major deal etc) or externally (solid
      evidence that inflation will not cause the Fed to raise
      rates) for prices to get moving up again. Neither of
      these things are going to happen by tomorrow, in my

      Just trying to be realistic rather than optomistic.
      Hope I'm wrong.

    • i'll buy some if it shows a strong rebound. i'll
      be smart and sell it at a 10% profit, if possible.
      too many getting burned on this stock lately and i
      havent seen alot of positive news on aol lately. chances
      are its not done selling on strength.

    • how would u know when the chart is turning upward?

      most people fill this board with BS all the time.

      why don't u people say if u r short on long when u post ur BS????

    • next round, the european markets...if euro has been weak, volume may be up which will buoy the dollar; which means upside in bonds and stocks...and upside

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