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  • invest_loser invest_loser Aug 11, 1999 2:42 PM Flag

    eat_sleep_drink_AOL: It's there.

    So you bought at $85 and sold at $89, right. Old story.

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    • for a company with almost 20 million MONTHLY
      PAYING customers.
      And how much do you think the stock
      will go up when they report their 20 millionth
      customer. :-)

      The gift is being able to buy it under
      $100! The word on the street is everyone will go back
      to AOL first after this correction is over.

      The price should rise pretty quickly once investor
      anxiety is gone. Also, shorts and those who sold at
      higher prices itching to get back in. Thats why it can
      go up rapidly as shorts give up, longs add more
      (cost average) and former longs buy back

      Remember, the best times to buy is when there "seems" to be
      problems with the business. The President of AOL came out
      and said business is tremendous during these slow
      months. I tend to believe it when it comes out of their
      mouths since most are traditionally cautious.

      shorts had their fun and will wilt slowly from now...
      The time to short was when it was in the $120+. You
      can short the pretend internet companies but not AOL.
      AOL can get on a 17 out of 20 positive trading days
      when it is on a roll.

    • We are definately a prime candidate for a BUYOUT.
      Buy NOW and HOLD it........ AOL will need to announce
      a stock split and they do need to settle this thing
      with Micro soft. Individual investors who have had
      this stock for a couple of years got scared and sold
      out. With the stock split those who are out of this
      company could afford to put some of their monies back in
      and hold again. Hopefully we'll start seeing AOL
      buying up cable companies knowing their going to be
      around for years to come. Like that DAYTRADERAZBRIAN

    • The Federal Reserve publishes a summary of
      commentary on current economic conditions by each of the
      Federal Reserve Districts - called the Beige Book - 8
      times each year.

      It came out today with economic
      data through August 3, 1999 (Tuesday of last week) and
      here are a few excerpts - highlights will show up in
      newspapers tomorrow:

      1. There is no evidence of any
      broad-based acceleration in prices or finished goods and
      services. Retailers in Boston, New York, Atlanta, Chicago,
      Minneapolis and San Francisco report stable prices, while
      those in Philadelphia, Richmond, Kansas City and Dallas
      indicate very modest increases.

      2. Retail sales,
      which had been robust in the second quarter,
      decelerated somewhat in July. July retail sales were
      characterized as strong in most districts, but the pace of
      growth appears to have eased since the last report.
      Activity has slowed somewhat in New York and Dallas.
      Overall, retail inventories are generally at desired

      3. Despite labor shortages, none of the districts
      report evidence of any broad-based acceleration in
      wages. Overall wage growth remains subdued. Labor
      shortages persist but there has been only scattered reports
      of any actual acceleration in wages. Final prices of
      goods and services remain relatively stable for the
      most part. There is no evidence of any broad-based
      pickup in consumer price inflation.

      4. Weak or
      declining manufacturing activity is reported in metals
      industries in Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco and in
      the textile industry in Philadelphia, Richmond and
      Atlanta. Other reports of weakness come from makers of
      machine tools in Boston and San Francisco, farm equipment
      in Cleveland and Chicago and commercial aircraft in
      St. Louis and San Francisco.

      5. Manufacturers
      in the west - Dallas and San Francisco - report some
      pickup in exports to Asia; producers in the Boston
      district see only scattered signs of improvement in Asian

      6. Consumer prices remain relatively stable.

      7. Agriculture and livestock prices remain weak and
      are mostly down from a year ago. Hotel room rates
      have leveled off in New York following sharp rises
      last year. Chicago notes slackening in demand for Y2K

    • RESEARCH ALERT - America Online

      NEW YORK, Aug 11 (Reuters) - Lehman Brothers
      on Wednesday reiterated its buy rating on America
      Online Inc..

      Said it is tough to call AOL a
      value stock, but "Believe it or not, it looks cheap!"

      Estimates AOL could generate over $8 billion in free cash
      flow over next three years.

      AOL's cheap
      valuation, coupled with some catalysts, could begin to turn
      the tide in the Internet stocks.

      for AOL could be better subsciber growth in the U.S.
      and the U.K., the rollout of digital subscriber line
      service, resolution of the Instant Messenger issue, and
      potentially a cable deal.

      Shares were up 1-1/4 at

      10:34 08-11-99

    • play a game like that. What is wrong with all of these crazy short!!! Don't they have brains???

    • because their customers bought it at high prices.........when aol goes up beacause of lehman reccommendation, lehman wiil then tell teir clients to careful..just my honest opinion

    • now this is gonna blow em away. theres no stopping em now

    • The system I use is advertised on CNBC all of the
      time. It is DTN (Data Transmission Network). I can't
      quite remember but I think the satellite and
      transmission box is about $500 and then you get a local
      antenna service to hook it up for about $200. Then I pay
      a little over $100 for a monthly service fee. The
      screen display is on my computer and I flip between
      Yahoo and DTN to keep track of things. It works really
      well and after the initial cost I can't imagine making
      trades without it. You can see the trades tick by tick.
      Everything on TV is lagging a few minutes even though they
      say that they are real

      DTN...800-763-9959...The satellite has to be pointed at a certain degree
      and not blocked by trees or houses.


    • guys like you should never have been allowed to short in the first place....

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