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  • chanming_98 chanming_98 Oct 13, 1999 6:55 AM Flag

    EEE_MIKE is >>>>>>>

    BORN to KISS the ASS

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    • Remember the last fall after Fed hike. High risks stocks become flighty. Get out while ahead. 120 last time around went to 72.

    • <EOM>

    • sorry to be off the subject. I only do this about twice a year.

    • know if aol will ever trade above $124 in my life time. It just cannot seem to do it.

    • i got's working

    • in this earning season, and the next. Especially the first tier players.

    • GONT DD...
      I give GONT "ACCUMULATE".

      Internet Kiosks, (2) State-Of-The-Art websites utilizing
      RealNetworks STREAMING VIDEO & AUDIO

      Go Online
      Networks,Inc., is an Internet technology concern focused on
      combining traditional marketing methods with the latest
      advancements in Internet technology. The Company currently
      operates three divisions. Internet Kiosk Division - It is
      a leader in its field, and pursues a multi level
      strategy in the installation of Internet kiosks in the
      mid-priced hotel market. The Internet kiosk is installed in
      the hotel lobby or an alternative centralized public
      access room. The Kiosk Division of places
      under multi-year contract low cost, small, integrated
      kiosks that provide easy, pay-as-you-use stand-alone
      Internet access. At no cost to the owner and a revenue
      sharing model, the Internet kiosks are marketed to mid
      priced hotels (e.g., Days Inn, Holiday Inn, and Ramada
      Inn) by sales agent organizations employed by the
      Company. The Kiosk Division business plan has several
      multi level, integrated strategies to maximize
      shareholder value. This includes the growing advertising
      value from fast growing number of users across the
      country. The present goal is to obtain a minimum of 2,000
      hotels as customers within two years. Presently, over
      210 hotels in 33 states have signed contracts and 42
      have been installed as of August 29, 1999. - Utilizing the latest in online video and audio
      technology, offers a variety of products and
      services via the World Wide Web.
      will sell products such as household items, cooking
      appliances and utensils, skin care and beauty products, and
      personal fitness products. Almost anything that is
      normally offered to the public through exclusive TV offers
      or infomercials will now be available through
      e-commerce on the Internet. At, the customer
      will be able to search for products by category or by
      product name and obtain a full description of the product
      offer including a full complete streaming audio
      presentation, and in many cases, a streaming video documenting
      key features. -- Explosive
      growth in the popularity and acceptance of the auction
      method of marketing for the conversion-of-assets-to-cash
      has accelerated the need for sophisticated,
      comprehensive, and efficient approaches to the transaction
      facilitation aspects of the auction, liquidation and asset
      disposition process. Given that the division's management has
      specialized in real estate auctioning, the auction of real
      estate properties is a logical starting point. While
      showcasing real property, Auctionomics will drive purchases
      of other high-end goods, such as automobiles and
      jewelry. As traffic is stablished, consumer-oriented,
      product auction sections will be created similar to Ebay
      and Ubid. Also, as a complimentary component of the
      Company's network of e-commerce Web sites, Auctionomics
      drives traffic to the virtual mall, and
      vice versa.

      (Voluntary Disclosure:
      Position- Long; ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Hold)

    • Did you get my Yahoo IM? I don't know if it is working when I try to contact someone.


    • am AOL subscriber. Furthermore, intel DOES sell chips very well - only the margin goes down and R&D relatively goes up. It's good for internet.

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