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  • atrue42long atrue42long Nov 7, 1999 8:10 AM Flag

    Potential litigation on behalf of NSCP?

    Curious as to others thoughts. Would AOL consider
    jumping into damages lawsuit on behalf of the prior
    Netscape shareholders (now AOL)? One news source this
    weekend was quoted as saying that this initial ruling
    could open the door for many damaging lawsuits against
    MSFT. Seems all the evidence has already been provided
    through the Antitrust trial, only real question is how
    much the poster child of the suit (NSCP) could be
    Understanding the lengthy and costly couse of litigation, this
    could be a distraction to AOL. The potential Billions
    that could awarded might make this worthwhile

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    • While you may consider it a distraction for AOL
      to litigate MSFT, there are those that would argue
      that the distraction would effect MSFT more than

      AOL would have one suit to argue. MSFT could
      potentially have to fight several off.

      Wouldnt it be
      wise for AOL and others to bite at MSFT's ankles as
      they look for competitive ways to slay the giant in
      the event that the Gov't doesn't?

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      • I am not an lawyer (thank GOD), but it just seems
        that if anybody has a meaningful damages suit against
        MSFT it would be AOL/NSCP. After all, it was
        accurately portrayed during the antitrust hearings companies
        like NSCP could not survive/thrive against the might
        and tactics of MSFT. The potential damages award
        could total in the Billions, especially when you
        consider the key browser testimony that the MSFT
        executives bungled while under oath. Talk about a great
        opportunity for AOL to make MSFT pay for all that they will
        escape from lesser rivals who cannot afford to litigate.
        This just seems way too obvious as an AOL course of
        action......doesn't it???????

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