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  • dennis_fox57 dennis_fox57 Mar 18, 2012 3:09 PM Flag

    STEV vs STVF ...similar no revenue hype jobs??

    The whole stevia product sounds interesting enough but has been on market for awhile now. These 2 companies have 0 revenues to date and became public only recently and both seem to be touted by paid promoters and have same business model fo most part. The difference is STVF is setting up shop in Central CA on a 10 acre plot so I imagine they will need to grow in greenhouses being the Stevia plant is a tropical / subtropical plant and does not do well in winter frost. Building greenhouses would add substantially to the cost of the crop yet there goal is to produce low cost Stevia. Perhaps there choice of location is not the best ?? Florida seems like a better choice for Stevia it would seem tho my reseach does show Stevia has done well in Kansas but I am not sure if greenhouses were in use. I am very leary of these 2 no revenue companies especially after reading posts on STEV message boards implying it is nothing but a hype job. Thoughts ??

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    • same pump/dump operation, just changed the name from stev to stvf.

      no product, no processing, no revenue, no customers, no crops, no property, nothing but an unlimited supply of worthless stock to sell.

      "stevia first"? if they ever grow a single plant, it will be a first.

    • you nailed it!
      "bedford group" and other paid pimps are pumping another "stevia" play with no product, no revenue, and no market if they ever did grow or process a plant.

      stevia is a viable sweetener, but the market is in the hands of Cargill and others who actually DO have farms, employees, processing plants and markets.

      like STEV, all this one will ever sell is worthless stock.

      shameless that bedford would tout the "300% gains" of stev to pump this one.

    • This is a promotional stock, take advantage of it. it's a good short term trade if you know what you're doing.
      0 Float, are the promotion companies paid in stock or cash, last i checked there was 21 newsletters covering STVF.

      Who cares what there doing or how much money they have or don't have, it's all about the pump.

    • I understand that when a new company ventures out to become prosporus, it has it's risks. Anyone investing in that company should do their own research. When investing at the bottom or opening of the stock, you are buying in at a cut rate, presently $1.02 a share. Predictions are at $12 at year end, but I take that with a grain of salt. In all my research, I truely believe this company can make it big. I truely believe in the benefits of stevia and bringing it into this country, and I will be adding to my shares tomorrow. I don't mean this in a sarcastic way but I need to ask if you are presently a shareholder or a short and is your only benefit to help people save their money.

    • It takes money to make money!They have done their homework.

      The Central Valley area produces more than $13 billion worth of agricultural products annually and offers an ideal combination of land-base, climate and agro-industrial expertise and infrastructure. Our headquarters are currently located on a 10-acre site where the company aims to develop offices, a research & development facility including a stevia test plot, greenhouse, nursery, and laboratory for performing stevia tissue culture and micropropagation studies.

      Yuba City is in the heart of the Central Valley and can provide ready access to talent from the University of California at Davis, one of the leading agricultural research universities in U.S., as well as access to the extraordinarily rich talent pool of farmers, agronomists, agricultural innovators and equipment suppliers in the area. Following successful completion of our stevia test plot, we expect to expand acreage devoted to stevia planting in the Central Valley through acquisition or leasing of new land and alliances with local farmers.

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      • It takes money to make money! They have done their homework.

        That said they have no $ to speak of and having done their homework why did they not choose a climate more suitible such as florida or Mexico which would not subject crops to possibly missing one harvest per year due to freezing and or costing alot more for greenhouses and or propane heated misters. Also they plan on expanding growing via leasing and having other farmers grow for them. Where is the $ going to come from to lease all the irrigated farm land to become the largest supplier of Stevia and why would farmers not grow it themselves and take it to market without STVF as a middleman.
        Anyone can say anything on a website or email mailer but does it make sense and can they actually execute. Right now they have 10 ac that has no stevia growing as of yet and only $16K in cash according yahoo key statistics to build all the facilities they propose which is far cry from the 10's of millions it will cost to become largest supplier. Perhaps they will sell shares as STEV did to raise cash which is never good for share price due to dilution. I looked up the share price for the other publicly traded companies the recent addition to managment team ran and based on those PPS / balance sheets I am not impressed and unconvinced they can turn STVF into a profitible company. STEV has been at it awhile longer and still no revenues there either with similar questionable business model and no cash with only an option to buy $20 mil worth of shares from some fund group which is usually not good for shareholders. If Stevia is the bountiful crop they claim then whats to stop big well funded companies such as Archer Midland Daniels etc from beating STEV and STVF to the punch.

    • good question : 16.000 $ in the bank and 50 million market cap.

      They have put options that allow them to sell shares at a discount from the market price. So if the pump scheme works they can isue shares at high prices, use the cash to pay fat salaries.

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