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  • rwagner467 rwagner467 Apr 28, 2012 1:15 AM Flag

    Why would people want to bash STVF?

    wow!! Isn't it funny how many people get upset when anyone tries to say something good about this company. makes you wonder why they care so much, doesn't it? If they don't own any of the stock, why are they on here day after day bashing the company like its their moral obligation. Or is it that they have shorted the company and stand to make a profit only if it fails. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder??????
    Here is the skinny on short selling:
    When an investor goes long on an investment, it means that he or she has bought a stock believing its price will rise in the future. Conversely, when an investor goes short, he or she is anticipating a decrease in share price.
    when you short sell a stock, your broker will lend it to you. The stock will come from the brokerage's own inventory, from another one of the firm's customers, or from another brokerage firm. The shares are sold and the proceeds are credited to your account. Sooner or later, you must "close" the short by buying back the same number of shares (called covering) and returning them to your broker. If the price drops, you can buy back the stock at the lower price and make a profit on the difference. If the price of the stock rises, you have to buy it back at the higher price, and you lose money.
    Do you think they feel it's their moral obligation or possibly they stand to much more money as the price drops?

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    • Since you are an expert on short selling, could you tell us how we could short this one?

      bashing? Pointing out obvious facts is not bashing. The company has no revenue, no product, no operations.

      Have you ever had a friend, relative, or neighbor blow his brains out, or a family destroyed because a member 'invested' his last remaining funds into one of these scams? Perhaps the "bashers" do feel a moral duty to inform the gullible.

      A better question might be "What is the motivation for the promoters and pumpers of these worthless stocks?" The answer is "greed."

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