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  • brian624 brian624 Oct 9, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    Just another carrot on a stick for us

    Just another empty promise from STVF to keep taking our money.
    Look at GAB Innovations website. For a company that's been around since 1996 they don't even have a fully functioning website.
    What have they been doing for the past 17 years.
    The company link says "company information coming soon"
    Some of the brand links don't even work.
    When I Googled GAB Innovations my Norton anti virus warned me that any GAB Innovation website links were not safety tested. But other sites talking about GAB were fine.
    Once again just another press release with no substantial information except another "agreement or partnership".
    Where are they going to sell STVF products and WHEN.
    What retail does GAB sell products (their website doesn't tel us).

    Getting tired of empty promises.... WE NEED MORE FROM MANAGEMENT.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • " ... Just another empty promise from STVF to keep taking our money...."

      How did they take your money ? You are giving them your money.

    • jim.beemer Oct 10, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

      You are a clear bear who pops up once in a blue moon with nothing but negativity. STVF is progressing. Read Henry K's article on SA's. S&W essentially destroyed their entire crop; they didn't know what the hell they were doing with stevia. This is a product that has not been produced large scale in the U.S., and STVF is trying to do something that has not been done before, and must take all appropriate steps. STVF doesn't have billions to spend on R&D, they have to be thrifty, and I am happy with their progress.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • OK for starters I am a shareholder for a long time now. I'm only popping up because you repeatedly post old articles about a Coke/STVF relationship that isn't even there.
        You asked me to read the article by Henry K. which I read when it came out and reread just now. I would like to point out a few things:
        One he is a shareholder in STVF so of course in an article discussing Coke using Stevia he has to pump his position bt mentioning STVF(plus he works for a stock pumping publication anyway).
        And second much to his credit he admits that Coke already has a relationship with Cargill and there are other companies out there that would benefit Coke more so then STVF would.
        If you were to read any other articles on Coke and Stevia NOT from Seeking Alpha or Henry K you will not hear any mention of STVF and Coke together. They all talk about Coke and Cargil and Coke and Pure Circle.
        Coke and Cargil have been in business together since 2007. They have filed over 40 patents for Stevia use and Cargil has been steadily increasing the production of Stevia to meet demands since 2007. So I wouldn't think they needed any help.
        Also if you read anything other than SA and these message boards you would know that for starters Stevia Reb A has a bad after taste and has to be mixed with sugar to offset it ( so it doesn't fall into a zero calorie drink) and Stevia has been BANNED by the FDA for use as a sweetener it can only be used as a dietary supplement ( which would explain why STVF is all of a sudden shifting course into that area).
        So once again Until STVF actually does anything other than PR news ( taste test isn't until December, the haven't shipped anything to retail stores yet) or you stop reposting old Coke/STVF pumping articles I will continue to question everything this company does as all of us shareholders should do.
        Especially since this used to be a mining company (just in case you forgot).

        Sentiment: Hold

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