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  • doctorj2222 doctorj2222 Aug 1, 2013 12:15 AM Flag

    Not talking about OSU , Bob

    Talking of the new manufacturing facility to commence production within 6 months.

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    • Chris Nelson has the agreement and the commitment from Precision CNC. Many are committed to making this happen.

      Just on a side note I recommend folks check out the video titled, "What cars will our grandchildren drive?: Giorgio Rizzoni at TEDxOhioStateUniversity" on either OSU's CAR website or Youtube. It is clear that the experts at CAR believe that alternative fuels will play an important an important role in the future of personal transport. Perhaps that is why they seemed to be very excited to work on the WHE.

    • cfs_mb Aug 1, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

      This is a very vague description of what is contemplated. It will take more than six months just to get a facility to a production level. "Commencing production" can mean anything. I could commence production in my garage. Precision CNC should have commenced production of parts that are not in question already. It appears that the CNC machine should be popping out parts as we speak. One possible reason is that there are no materials due to lack of funds (a supposition). To operate equipment in a "new" facility requires a hefty investment in electrical hookups, fire suppression systems, loading docks and a host of other items beyond machining. The permitting process is substantial. Experience tells me this is another bogus timeline. Not all shareholders are dumb enough to buy these claims and many of us are sick of this #$%$. Completion of production and commencing production are totally different considerations.

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      • Cyclone said in 2011 that TopLine was going to produce engines. Topline already had facilities, equipment, experienced machine operators and it is located in Cyclones back yard. Now Cyclone is telling us they are going to start from scratch in Ohio and start building engines in 6 months. They don't even have a working prototype. The latest Press Release is an out and out lie.

        THIS IS FROM 2011 Press Release
        “This is a monumental arrangement for Cyclone,” stated the company’s CEO, Harry Schoell. “By TopLine providing its vast experience, facilities and resources to further the development of our technology, we can expect a more robust, durable engine with an expedited trajectory towards commercialization.”

        TopLine Automotive is a 35+ year-old company and currently one of the largest manufacturers of automotive after-market parts in the United States, supplying over 50% of the market. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, TopLine Automotive has operations throughout the world. TopLine Energy’s primary home is a new, state-of-the-art 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Brooksville, FL. This Florida plant, only a few hours from Cyclone, is dedicated to the development and production of distributed and alternative energy products like the Cyclone engine, GlidArc Plasma and TopLine Gas Turbines.

      • In a newly leased facility, you would expext most of that is there.

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