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  • mr_bkush mr_bkush Jan 2, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    Told you all

    I've been saying for months that I wouldn't short because of the buy-out possibility. The idiots at Motley Fool kept pumping the stock but they didn't have the money to succeed.

    I missed the buyer because I thought it would be Enterprise.

    Hahahahaha - go read my comments here or on the Motley and Seeking articles - nailed it, except for the buyer.

    And DB - told you they had value over $10 hahaha.

    Only sad my option expired and didn't renew.

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    • If you look back at my posts going back over 1 year ago, I was negative on ZIP at $16+ and positive on IDSY at $4+. ZIP is lower and done. IDSY is higher and still going. Truth be told, I am disappointed with the results and return to date.

    • Define nailing it. I recall you were pretty bearish in aug and while you didn't short b/c of the risk of ZIP drawing a bid you were clearly skeptical of the value of the business. Avis apparently didn't think that they could easily replicate the service. Truth be told I wish they would have stayed independent and kept running the business for a few years more before selling out. Oh well. On to the next one.

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      • One post of nailing it -

        Re: Hey Tulip check this out
        by mr_bkush . Aug 15, 2012 9:57 AM . Permalink Go to topic

        You have argued that ZIP had technology that differentiated it from the rest and that others wouldn't have an easy time matching their quality.

        I have a bet down because I think they will be sold at a price above today's price.

        Bashing or pumping on this message board isn't likely to move the stock price nor is it likely to cause the company to be sold.

      • Thanks Tulip,

        Yes you I went back and forth on this. Yes time to move on. You've been gone for a while - I thought you might have been an author of a couple of ZIP articles back in early fall, were you?

        I know you liked the company and the service. The big issue was/is the heavy cost of expansion. I think it was the assets that attracted Avis rather than the model. Avis just jumped Enterprise for university locations and acquired 700,000 members.

        The other issue to keep in mind is that ZIP didn't have anything to leverage with their business. Avis can hope that members will rent regular cars from them when needed.