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  • mr_bkush mr_bkush Jan 9, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Told you all

    Tulip they sold out at a price 33% below IPO and 55% below the highest price paid.

    You really think they sold out because they were succeeding?

    Case and other insiders control enough stock to stop a sell-out, certainly they could have made a fight out of the take-over.

    ZIP just doesn't have the money to expand services as each new car costs them thousands.

    Whether or not you wish to admit it, the competition is eating into their profitable areas and products like Car2Go over better solutions to many a ZIP user and potential member. Membership fees were going down and ZIP had to offer Groupon deals to keep membership up. Those deals cut the money to ZIP by 75%.

    As I told you for over half a year, they have an unworkable business model. The existing CRC could easily move into the profitable segments and ZIP doesn't have anything to leverage members into as CRCs and car manufacturers do.

    Having cute names for their cars and social media contests just wouldn't cut it on the bottom line.