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  • foneman37064 foneman37064 Mar 16, 2002 9:38 PM Flag


    RE has the confidence of the Board. He will be Chairman in April. Can he turn this around? I don't know, but posting how great things were at CBT is like crying over spilled milk. The old guard voted him in 1999. They are the same folks you praise now. Get diversified in your investments now, BRW will take a long,long time to rebound in my humble opinion. If you think your holdings look bad now, think about ENRON,WILLIAMS, & GX employees. DIVERSIFY STUPID!

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    • Foneman, you just don't get it do you? You said,"The old guard voted him in in 1999. They are the same folks you praise now." I don't believe the "OLD GUARD" as you call them are being praised. From what I've read on this board, there are questions as to why the "old guard" continues to support the BRW concept when it isn't working as well as was first expected and CBT continues to be the cash cow while investors are losing money on their BRW investments. Anyone who had investments in CSN is losing money if they held their stock, because it became BRW, which is and has been a poor performer on Wall Street.
      "DIVERSIFY," sure, an investor should diversify. I don't think anyone is questioning that. Employees and investors are not "WHINING and CRYING OVER SPILLED MILK" as you call it. They are concerned with their investments. Dividends have been taken away by a decision made without investors being allowed to vote and the statement was made that this would make BRW have a better stock price. Did it? NO! Nothing that current leadership has done has had a positive effect on BRW stock price. NOTHING! Get it NOTHING! You think it will take a long,long time for BRW to come out of the hole they are in. Okay, I agree, but that is not what was stated by current leadership. I know that employees were told that BRW stock should reach $50 and others on this board know it too because they have posted it. BRW investors do not want their holdings to end up looking like Enron,Williams, & GX. That is why they are concerned.STUPID! You ask,"Can Ellenberger turn this around?" Good question, but investors are tired of waiting on him. Tell me or show me one thing he has done that had any positive effect on the price of BRW. You can't do it. Compare BRW to Verizon. What is the difference between the two companies? You need to stop your WHINING. I'm putting you on the ignore list.One more thing! People have lost their jobs at CBT because BRW just doesn't carry it's on weight and has a very large debt to try to pay down. Now what is so DAMN GOOD about that? No,I do not work in the TELCOM industry, but I do care about people.

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