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  • Hossconcentric Hossconcentric Jul 22, 1999 11:54 AM Flag


    I don't really know how I feel about
    Thompsons.... interesting, but not very accurate IMO... Really
    I like watching the tape. I make no predictions how
    high it can go, only that it was a gift from yesterday
    to day.. Also still like the strength, keeps
    breaking resistance points (21 was pretty tough) so
    hopefully it can hold up and close over 21... if it can,
    I'll be staying for a little while.


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    • Anyone who posts,"loosing a few thousand dollars
      a year is nothing to me." on a Yahoo message board
      is the kind of bozo who instantly looses credibility
      with me. You might be interested in knowing that their
      are a increasing number of cases where message board
      posters have been successfully prosecuted for including
      slanderous statements in message board posts. Advise you to
      be more circumspect.

    • Loosing a few thousand dollars a year is nothing
      to me. If you had any clue about what is happening
      now you might worry about your future, and the future
      of your pension. Medical and added bonuses you
      recieve will be taken away under the current leaderships
      wish list. So don't worry you got yours and when the
      company goes down, we will all pay the price. Sounds like
      you don't mind sleeping with the devil. He is alive
      and well at CBT

    • Wall Street knows Ellenberger past so you better.
      He took XLConnect XLCT on a death spiral before the
      XEROX rescue and his MCI past was checkered at best.
      Wall Street knows he was not at MCI during 1991-1993
      and he has cost stockholders millions. Your evidently
      a shill shs68ou.

    • I'm just along for the ride.

    • Let me guess, you're a little upset you lost your
      dividend? I'm sorry, but I think I rather have my money
      with a couple of cut throat businessmen, then with
      someone who would sit back and watch an opportunity like
      this go by. Sounds like if you were running the show,
      CSN would continue to sell dial tone for another 125

    • To all greedy and self serving people,Ellenberger
      is the best you'll ever find. The golden parachutes
      are bulging with your dollars. He has taken a local
      home grown excellent company and turned it in to a
      mass of destruction. The numbers are false, and
      fudged. It appears his goal with the help of his clones,
      is to take all the money and run, just like he has
      in the past. His pockets are lined with gold, and
      the blood and sweat of 125 years of the people who
      built this company. The methods being applies are
      disceiving. It truely appears they would sell their mothers
      and children to better their standard of living. A
      perfectly sound company is being thrown into to ruins, to
      serve only a small group of people namely Richard
      Ellenberger, Kevin Mooney and all his other small minded
      clones. I have never seem such a group of self serving
      people, that get away with destroying so many people and
      companys and come out smelling like a rose. They will
      probably screw up IXC also. So get ready IXC your next.
      Your fears will come true.

    • I'll put my money on him and his management team
      any day..any company. He is a great leader and has a
      tremendous track record for growing sales organizations and
      pumping up the volume.. exactly what wall street and
      shareholders want to see.

    • Did you research what happened to the last
      company Ellenberger was CEO for XLConnect? His potential
      took XLConnect XLCT shares from over $15 when he
      started to $6 before Xerox bought them out at a fire sale
      value. Ellenberger is a stockholder's enemy number one.
      Wanna know what happen at MCI? Got runout of MCI by the
      new Eastern Region Director, another charlatan who
      cost stockholders at Marcam Solutions MRCM, and
      Ellenberger was thought of as a do-nothing and windbag at
      regional sales offices. Ellenberger has never produced
      stockholder's value in the past. Unless your a pollyanna the
      potential for stockholder's is if you bet against him,

    • Good morning,,,
      You are right but what I can
      see on level 2 are nyse specialist actions-there are
      size listed for each trade level; you also see real
      time fills , size of fill, price; there are summaries
      of time and sales which show trends (or my guess at
      a trend!)...sorry for the confusion
      -I did buy
      at 19 1/8 on the heels of the size trade; I sold at
      19 7/8......the level 2 simply gave me real time
      data---from a different point of view than MM

      I still
      hold iixc --and covered calls with srike 45/OCT-what
      are you thoughts on this deal going

      Ah, expiration's to a good end to
      another tough week!

      hadmoney (in abh, in prtm )

    • CSN and IXC are in a "Quiet Period". It should be
      over in a few weeks. Then look for a lot of news.
      CSN/IXC will make a big splash in the TelCom Industry
      when the deal goes through. There is a lot of synergy
      to be capitalized. Stay long and get rich....EOM

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