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  • onebud99 onebud99 Apr 5, 2000 8:44 AM Flag

    snapper 6

    Now, see, you're wrong again. I could afford many
    more shares than the 1000 I own, but I do like to have
    20-25 different stocks. That's why I don't have to
    worry to much about any one holding. I'm sure you've
    heard of the concept-diversification. One should also
    have more than one interest in life, as some are more
    satisfying on any given day. That way, short of death of a
    dear one, one can find satisfaction in one's life
    today, and again tomorrow.Now, what I've said doesn't
    mean that sometimes the smaller things don't get too
    me, this life is a path, not a destination.

    • disaster is already priced in. SPCT can only go up from here - or at least after earnings.

    • You ever heard of stock-splits. Do any longs on
      this board know how to evaluate companies and
      performance? Investors are getting very tired of companies
      (managements) that don't perform. When PWAV splits and the
      share price becomes reasonable for the average
      investor, it will be bid back up. PWAV increases revenue
      and earnings quarter to quarter. Spct is the scary
      holding because of poor management and poor performance.
      Have you noticed Spct has not bounced back, unlike
      most other stocks that dipped Tuesday.

    • potential of getting their act together and
      reaping the rewards of this sector.

      On the other
      hand if the sector suffers because OEMs use their in
      house capabilties PWAV will have a long way to fall.
      SPCT at 20 is unlikely to fall much further.

      Take a look at the last weeks movements. Very scary
      for PWAV investors.

      PWAVs expected sucsess is
      already built in to their share price so there is little
      to be gained. I think we all agree that SPCT on the
      other hand have much to be gained.

      Good Luck

    • loss for the quarter? Don't blame management, oh no, blame the moon and stars for not aligning.

    • I will reiterate. I have stated my opinion of
      management, and I believe my opinion is well founded and will
      be supported with the release of the latest Q
      report. This is my prediction: PWAV will report positive
      earnings; Spct will report negative earnings. Spct
      management will come up with a patently ridiculous
      explanation, such as, " there was a general downturn in
      market", " NT f*&ked us"; " we just pushed out deliveries,
      no biggie"; " my dog ate the purchase orders". And
      you, dear long, will simply accept the nonsense. If
      the company loses money, considering the sector it is
      in, what conclusion would you come too?

      • 2 Replies to snapper_jones
      • Hey snappy, any idiot could have come to the
        conclusion that PWAV will report positive earnings and SPCT
        will report negative earnings. You are not a brain.
        You may not think so, but next week I predict SPCT
        will be on the rise......

      • When I bought SPCT I also considered PWAV. I was
        looking for another wireless play. PWAV was at
        190-something, SPCT was 26.5. Clearly, you have some inside
        knowledge about management at SPCT, I have none for either
        PWAV or SPCT. Since I bought, though PWAV had a nice
        pop today, both of them have lost value. PWAV
        actually lost about half, SPCT about a third. So, when
        buying I considered many things. Among them, relative
        value. I could buy 1000 SPCT or 100 PWAV. By buying PWAV
        the ability to average down, should it be necessary,
        would be much more expensive. None of us really know
        what earnings will be for either company this quarter
        or next. I probably will stay for at least 2
        quarters. SPCT has much more upside potential than PWAV,
        IMO. I have averaged down some now.I'm a guy who
        doesn't put all eggs in any basket. 1 out of 10 is a
        really bad choice. I can live with that. I've done
        pretty well for myself.This is by no means all that was
        considered in my purchase of SPCT, but enough. I won't whine
        if SPCT loses $ this quarter though I may average
        down again. I still think this is a good company in a
        booming market.

    • But I sincerely doubt if their is enough insight at the other end to learn something from anyone. Some poeple are just obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious.