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  • ahlmidezherioff ahlmidezherioff Feb 25, 2013 2:48 PM Flag

    We'll continue to do what we have to do to this one trick pony!

    Sorry longs

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    • dseigel Feb 25, 2013 6:32 PM Flag

      Please, we're begging you: don't do what you have to do. When you do what you have to do we can't do what we have to do. And there are so many other things you have to do, so why not do those. Crawl out of your one bedroom apartment and look at the blue sky instead of those dreary cottage cheese ceilings. Say hello to some other sadists like yourself. And another thing you have to do is go see Mommy and find out for real why Daddy hated you so much. And then another thing you'll have to do is see a psychotherapist so you can learn to eventually forgive Daddy. And hopefully he or she will explain that just because you're short a brain doesn't mean you have to be short Invensense. Get started. THOSE are things you have to do.

    • oh did you and your pals coordinate that takedown? lmao do what you have to do and INVN will continue to make the best products in the industry. Only a matter of time until AAPL switches over and then your account will be liquidated to cover your #$%$ in a second. I completely agree that this was a short at 15.50 but the closer this creeps to 12 the more you should probably think about covering. Thankyou for offering me the opportunity to buy cheap but if you could do 12.50 tomorrow I'd be forever greatful. Please relay that message to your short alliance.

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