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  • jimmysaysso jimmysaysso Feb 26, 2013 6:57 PM Flag

    Its all lining up as very bad news.

    Judge will put a cease and desist order in place. Stopping INVN from producing and to pay any and all monies to STM. It looks like the lawyers now have the real scoop and are getting in short to make the money. I dont think this turns out well for INVN. This could drop 70% at any second.

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    • Cease and desist? LOL! Jimmy, you appear to know about as much of what's going on here as a propagandized Foxbot knows what's going in the political world. Whatever's happening now is just presenting those with a long-term horizon another shot at getting shares on the cheap.

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    • 70% is wishful thinking for shorts. INVN filed two counter claims. No judge will issue a cease and desist order, this case will either be settled or there will be a long trial. Either way, the verdict is what will decide the fate of INVN and STM. Cease and Desist orders are generally only issued when there is pretty straight forward evidence that a party infringed.

      Example: If a new company came out with a brand of bottled flavored water and called it "vitamin water", Coca Cola would be able to get a judge to issue a cease and desist order.

      STM is going to have a hard time trying to explain to the judge something as intricate as this. A judge will let a jury decide.

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      • Thanks for that feedback. Seems logical. The two countersuits are weak and probably just thrown out there to try and slow things down. on Feb 4th INVN has asked for reexamination of four patents owned by STMicroelectronics, Inc. (see ex parte Request Nos. (4) to (7)). The stock price is dropping hard three weeks later tells me it aint looking to good. Nasiri dumping shares to boot. This stock is history. 9's tomorrow. and wont come back unless its vindicated in court. If not vindicated. This stock will be a total loss ! Risky

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