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  • yellowbird1019 yellowbird1019 Mar 12, 2008 12:29 PM Flag

    Negative People

    There are so many negative people on this message board. Would you have rather have had Dana go completely bankrupt and had no job at all?
    The stock market is always a gamble, no matter what stock investment one has. There were warning signs that the old investors would get nothing and the stock would cancel.

    Dana did emerge from BK and is the new Dana Holding. It is a new beginning and a very tough global market to compete in.

    Life goes on and make something of it. To be bitter and whine, only demeans that person. Look up and do better! Dana Holding and many other companies are forging forth in these tough times.

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    • yes some of us are negative,i have worked for this sorry ass company for twenty five years,put two thousand dollars a year into the stock to put my son thru college,the scum that run this company aka 'burns'lied to the stockholders,mislead misinformed and lied to us hell yes i am negitave,and if you don't like that kiss my ass!

    • How many dollars did you lose with DCNAQ?????

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      • I lost plenty, don't worry.
        I have also lost on other investments.
        Always a gamble as I say.
        You don't gamble what you can't afford to lose.
        I have learned my lesson and don't whine about it (you asked). Life goes on. I have made money on other stock investments. Life still goes on.
        Family and health are more important!
        I study the market much closer now and place stop losses on investments.

    • Good message! It is sad that so many people lost what they had invested in this company, but for them to turn around and expect a payout when the company went bankrupt isn't realistic.

      I wish people would learn more about investing before they go head long into something. As the saying goes, don't put all your eggs in one basket. The stock market is a dangerous place...there is NO guarantee you will make money. Owning a home used to be a fool proof investment and look how many people have lost any equity they had. But then I suppose that's Dana's fault too.

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      • It's been some time back,but because of the amount of shares I could buy ,I watched for good stocks under twenty dollars.

        Then I needed to see 6 qrt. with positive earnings and I set close stops.Also I wrote calls to protect my down side in some cases.

        This stock hasn't made it yet!! I'd need to sell something to drege up the money ,anyway.

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