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  • bobstackhouse201 bobstackhouse201 May 23, 2012 2:06 PM Flag

    Time to sell

    I purchased some Dana stock a while back ( 5 bucks a share) as I thought they were getting their act together after the bankruptcy. While the profit numbers have been good the share appears to be stuck on hold. I am thinking about dumping this stock,taking my gains now and investing in a different stock with some growth potential.I have talked to some investment analysts who are pretty hohum about this stock as they don`t buy into the hype about a new Dana and point to the lack of insider activity. The question is do I sell now or is there something good about this company that will drive the share price up. You don`t really hear too much about new product or new markets.

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    • PS do't waste your time paying stock analysts for info (as they don't give good info for free) If you trade single stocks do your own research, don't rely on others

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      • You can spend more on the info provided my Motley Fools than checking out advisory sentiment provided without charge by a brokerage. And if you believe in "efficient market theory," the actual value of the stock is already priced in--computers have processed thousands of bits of information faster and more comprehensively than any neophyte stock trader/investor doing technical or fundamental research or both. Besides, all your poking around will reveal is past results--not the future.

        I've got hunches about the future, but I like to see the projections of the market gurus as well (most of whom fail to match the market averages).

    • time to sell when the stock is up 4% on a bad tape??? If u have it at 5 then maybe take some off the table but simply momentum is on ur side right now......if your short time to cover. Growth potential is here 5.56x forward PE with 31% EPS 5 year growth rate and a dividend.

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