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  • now_now_child now_now_child Jun 11, 2010 3:53 PM Flag

    Who is "Britanico Security Group"?

    Do a search for...

    Colombia "Britanico Security Group" -tao

    Make sure you include the -tao or you'll just get to see how much this little news item is being spammed to lure more fish to the hook.

    Instead of pimping this news, you might want to find out what it means or if there is such a thing as "Britanico Security Group". Maybe somebody has some ownership info on this company or don't you people do DD?

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    • This is an intelligent group of security. Armed with britannico encyclopdeias to ward off any colombian neck tiers. They can read react with superior knowledge. Maybe they should defend themselves with the internet version. They can click and drag much quicker than reading. But u could use the whole volume and start a fire or throw them at intruders who might come to steal that huge stash of gold they accumulated. Just my thoughts, i think im right on here.

    • hi I am security manager from britanico security group, We are all ex british forces with a lot of experience working all around the world we are currently working in Iraq and Afghanistan , we are newly formed in Colombia, we are going to provide security for tal minerals so they can opertae safely, if you would like to do a back ground check on our company and personnel please email me on and I will forward you all our references one being shell oil, thank you

    • britanico is part of the old secret cia sect,they were used in the studies of human behavior at jonestown in french see jim was never really was all faked.he lives in the cave,THEY CALL a gold mine.where the u.s government resides over a shrine for satan,the fallen angel.the nazi's discovered it in 1938 while seeking the holy grail.the united states as did the nazi's bring up lucifer for leadership on how to run the is then conveyed to rome were it all is settled..jim jones is kept alive by secret machines to use his blood for you no why the catholic church was trying to get elite nazis to south get them to there master.

    • The security detail is this guy named Barney.His experience is in this town they call Mayberry.
      He carries a bullet in his front pocket. Don't mess with him. I feel more secure now. Hope this helps you make your decision on this penny stock.

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