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  • clcinla clcinla Jul 8, 1998 3:50 PM Flag


    Does anyone have the earnings release date?

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    • send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to London Underground
      on the opening of the Jubilee Line Extension, with a
      special squeeze for the Honorable member from Norfolk

      I actually believe that a hell of a lot of people
      will keep on going to the Millenium Dome via the JLE,
      and that perhaps this unprecedented rush of eager
      sightseers could show up as a spike in the AFC numbers well
      into Y2K.

      As for Australia; expressions of
      interest were called by Sydney Transit Authorities a very
      long time ago, so if I were to be told that Cubic had
      no idea about this project I would just shrug and
      mumble: "crazy, isn't it? I mean who would have a colony
      all the way over there on the other side of the
      world... I don't know...."

      <shakes head and
      chuckles inanely before walking away>

    • Hi there, I am new to this thread, but have kept
      an eye over the
      years on RMTR/RCOM and know that
      they work together with CUBIC on smartcards.
      just saw a "Call for proposals" for delivery of a
      smart card integrated ticketing system for public
      transport services in yesterdays "The Australian", and
      wonder if CUBIC knows about that. They say copies can be
      ordered by phone 61 (02) 9268 2912. CLosing date is 25th
      June Sydney time.
      I tried to contact CUBIC
      directly, but found no link on there
      home-page for

      My interest was in INTAG which owns part of RACOM,
      but as they
      have been de-listed I am looking at
      other companies with an interest in

      Cheers Berto

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    • , but I'm having a long nip of armanac tonight! Better numbers than I anticipated. Good analysis! Just a matter of time for this one to become discovered.

    • 'We've dealt with the problems that were
      affecting the company last year. We have a backlog of
      nearly a billion dollars. I expect earnings to continue
      to grow this year and next as a result of the
      significant new business we've brought in,' said Zable.

      Let's surmise for a moment that Walt is being
      optimistic and that earnings that earnings are flat for the
      next four quarters � at 0.36 � sound ridiculously
      pessimistic? Good.

      As of 3/31/99 release with the stock
      price at $23.50;
      ttm EPS (20, 24, 30, 36)=$1.10, P/E
      = 21.3

      Projected ttm earnings at 3/31/2000
      (36, 36, 36, 36)=$1.44
      Projected Growth Rate
      3/31/99 � 3/31/2000 = 31%
      Price/Earnings Growth (PEG
      P/EG approximate valuation=$34
      Price/Earnings as at 3/31/00 at $34=23.61

      you can choose to trust the growth rate projected by
      Mr/Ms Virgile for rest of 99 (40,45) and then project
      flat earnings at .45 for first 2Q of fiscal 2000
      Projected ttm earnings at 3/31/2000
      Projected Growth Rate 3/31/99 � 3/31/2000 =
      Price/Earnings Growth = 0.363
      P/EG approximate
      Projected Price/Earnings as at 3/31/00 at

      the_mad_pom contends that truth is subjective, and is
      extremely glad that he is not an accountant or financial
      analyst... Good luck punters. I'm off for a quick nip of

    • Your comment regarding the possibility of some
      evil europhobic Tory trying to put the brakes on a
      Euro-compliant retrofit for the Passenger Operated Machines
      immediately brought to mind one of my least favourite people
      - the former British Defence Minister - This may be
      of passing interest to CUB followers, especially if
      this particularly uncuddly individual ever has enough
      support to challenge and the Tories end up back in at the
      next election (God help us all)...

      This is an
      excerpt from the November Edition of "The
      "I think William should be extremely concerned about
      what lies behind this Portillo agenda," Mr Heseltine

      Mr Portillo had urged Mr Hague to provide
      leadership and put the Tory party at the forefront of the
      campaign to save the pound.

      The critical tone of
      his article displayed right-wing dissatisfaction with
      Mr Hague and his reluctance to take charge of more
      than 30 groups campaigning against the euro.

      Mr Portillo, who lost his seat 18 months ago at the
      general election, is anxious to get back into parliament
      and is prepared to fight the first winnable
      Makes one
      feel slightly ill, doesn't it? If you can stomach it,
      the full article is at

      On a brighter note, Cubic will report earnings this
      coming week, we may see some action on the stock if the
      numbers are as good as I expect them to be.

      If you
      ask nicely, perhaps Rarstock would be obliging enough
      to set aside some Armanac for you.

    • Well, then why did Ratty and Mole in `The Wind in
      the Willows` go down there and form a love affair and
      went in and they got the stuff out?

      I note that
      Cubic does have a habit of leaving things not bolted
      adequately (no... not adequately... only if you love him)
      but I don`t suppose completing this transaction
      counts as a retrofit. Perhaps a persecutory conscience
      will get at them.

      I can imagine persons of
      weird persuasion, occupying hideouts of evil in
      Whitehall, resisting the retrofit to allow the Euro to be
      used on POMs (ne pas pun, Pom). What do you say,

      This AFC business is so fascinating to me. As a nomad,
      I encounter all sorts of machines. But in Montreal,
      we`re still happy to slip $1.90 to The Man, who slides
      a small ticket back. We then walk forward three
      feet and slide the ticket back into the booth via a
      little window. Then they pull the switch and allow you
      through the turnstyle. There`s something sweet, gentle
      and loveable about this simplicity, don`t you think?
      But it does make one



      Mad Pom: Not sure about the "new bint" bit but I
      shall certainly lob a saber at any I encounter on your

    • ...about why Cubic does serial retrofits, because you see, I think it could be because they can't face the guilt of the first installation.

    • The state of the monarchy is of no concern to me;
      seeing as I am otherwise domiciled, however I think that
      if we are getting into a position where we are
      trying to define what our rights are, and our priveliges
      well, we may as well...

      TISSY dude like says
      that he like managed like "OPM" - Other peoples money
      - reminds me of an erstwhile engineer who's sipping
      champagne from the Holy Grail, what do you say,

      As for most of those who "died" at Cubic, you have
      to wonder after looking at the major project bottom
      lines, is there any chance of rehabilition, or do we go
      along with popular sentiment, which is - you know, do
      we execute them?

      It seems that every other
      year or so, within management, there is a call for the
      reintroduction of the death penalty, which as you know is
      invariably a muddled affair...

      Do say pip-pip to your
      current bint on my behalf, and don't be a stranger,

    • Mad POM,

      Re: >Walt Zable is

      >putting his money where his mouth is, wouldn't

      >I call him The Abominable Nomad.

      yes, absolutely, good point, well done.

      But I
      think a lot of them, though I don`t-can`t quote you the
      statistics, died at Cubic. After the war. And a generation
      after the war, have all, well, most of them have
      developed for Cubic and



      Personal note to Mad POM: Our local press showed a picture
      of your Prince Charles in Soho, outside a video
      palace, confirming what I suspected about the state of
      the monarchy.

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