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  • the_millionaire_next_door the_millionaire_next_door Dec 31, 2003 12:59 PM Flag

    Re: Take Politics elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!

    "The definition of a liberal: someone who knows more than you."

    Lol! Hey this is fun. I sling mud, then you sling mud. In the end we're all muddy! Lol!

    We both agree - federal spending is too high in general. Put aside Iraq (because you will not likely acknowledge any good is coming from this), then how is our current govt doing?

    I need a bigger clue on bin Laden - he surely made more than one statement in 2001. BTW, exactly which of my "views" is destructive? That terrorists destroyed the world trade center? I do differentiate between Muslims and terrorists. I had a Muslim for a brother-in-law for a while. (Insert gasp - he has actually met and interacted with a Muslim) lol!

    The whole idea of putting a dollar value on death by disasters whether acts of war or acts of God is strange to me. That being said, I probably am a poor person to debate. I personally believe that when I do die, things will get a whole lot better anyway. I'll still hope that my wife and kids pick up my death benefits from insurance policies/401K etc, but my dying is not worth suing over.