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  • kachinat kachinat Jul 13, 2005 12:04 PM Flag

    Off topic...sort of: Ebbers - 25 years

    i can't believe he's free until october 12. how nice for him.

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    • The way to punish rich people is to make them (and keep them) poor. Instead, the public will be paying for his up keep to the tune of $65K for the next 25 years (if he last that long). I am not saying that he shouldn't be punished, but you have to question if just locking him up is really the answer. I would guess that people that lost most of their savings have been dealt a far more severe punishment.

      On Topic - Why do companies like ADCT go up on the Verizon (FTTP) message, and TLAB does nothing?!?

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      • I don't want to get into a rich/poor argument (there are crooks at all economic levels). Having said that, I somewhat agree with you --- a fitting punishment would have been lose all assets, a consent decree to prevent any employment at a public or charitable biz for life, and, say, 10,000 community service.

      • whathappenedto40hrwrkweek whathappenedto40hrwrkweek Jul 13, 2005 2:59 PM Flag

        I held ADCT stock before the crash of 2000. Back then Tellabs was soaring and ADCT would barely move. The times have definetly changed. I have been waiting for over a year to see the direction that Tellabs will go. It seems to be in a "hold" pattern. But then again, it has been another tough year in telecoms.

      • the_millionaire_next_door the_millionaire_next_door Jul 13, 2005 2:52 PM Flag

        I would also be interested in him providing some form of restitution to the people he screwed. Prison time is good punishment, but it's also good for the soul to give back to the ones you have taken from. I have no idea what sort of assets he has, so I don't know how easy that would be to do.

      • "Why do companies like ADCT go up on the
        Verizon (FTTP) message, and TLAB does

        Answer #1:
        The "message" is a note from CSFB regarding
        VZ's FTTP buildout and its affect on ADCT.
        TLAB is not mentioned.

        Answer #2:
        It's not certain whether or not VZ's
        accelerated FTTP buildout is good news for TLAB.
        Margins on TLAB supplied equipment
        might be a little tight -- if not negative.
        If, however, Krish were to announce at the
        earnings CC in a couple weeks that margins
        on the ONT have turned positive, AND Q2
        earnings were good, then I can see TLAB
        climbing into the low to mid teens by year's

      • Because margins on ADCT's (traditionally "boring") stuff (terminals and boxes and patch panels and splitters) are thin, but positive.

        Tellabs margins are -- we don't know. We hear lots of rumors and innuendo. We know they were bad, but are getting better? And nobody's sure how much business will go to them and will go to MOTO.

        I think Bernie should be placed on house arrest, in a trailer, and make him work 40 or more hours a week doing public/community service work.

        Or better yet, make him answer the Tellabs hunt line, especially after a trade show.