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  • yesterdaysnews2002 yesterdaysnews2002 Jun 8, 2008 12:31 PM Flag

    Beware ....


    As all of you have come to know, I understand reality better than anyone else on this board, perhaps even better than anyone else - period!

    This is a warning ... An Obama victory 'and' the carry-through on his planned direction for America will mean $300+/barrel oil, the certain end of US 'leadership' and a 50-50 chance of nuclear war by 2010.

    Understand, US leadership is built upon the backs of other countries. < Not unlike Co's execs, whose wealth comes from crushing shareholders >. It's an unfortunate fact of democracy and free enterprise.

    This isn't fortune-telling, but simply looking at the raw facts IAW Darwinian theory. It worked in forming my views re TLABs, but it applies even more to US policy.

    If we voluntarily - for some "higher moral cause" give up our advantage - what little is left, *Darwin* WILL come in and crush us.

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    • Haf48
      ****hey dumbfuck what do you think bush has been doing to your ass over the last 7 years****

      NO!! I think U sir are the dumfuck in this instance. If U want to know the results of having dumocraps in office .. Just look at New York state, the highest taxed state in the country .. Few jobs lots of government High welfare.. This is what dumocraps do.

    • hey dumbfuck what do you think bush has been doing to your ass over the last 7 years. He's been putting money in daddy's pockets via the Carlyle Group direct from Saudi Arabia. but if you like it in the behind then you should be right at home with the next republican loser.

    • Democrats’ shallow thinking is typically expressed with vulgar one-liners to any statement of fact that proves a contrary point.

      Don't let such lack of sophistication on their part get under your skin. You wouldn't fault a retard if they would happen to spit on you, would you!

      Let the Dems chew on this chart that shows oil prices as a function of world events. It explains best that speculation causing today’s record high price is most probable a concern about worsening mid-east turmoil.

      Since OBAMA's stated mid-east policy is at odds with 'stay the course' and oil prices have been rising dramatically as OBAMA gains popularity and is more and more viewed as the likely next president, there is no better explanation for the meteoric rise in oil price than OBAMA's mid-east plans.

      OBAMA will bankrupt this country and I don't mean the US Treasury, I mean bankrupt YOU AND ME.

      Just watch the market, the price of oil and OBAMA popularity.

      Case in point, Tlabs is now at $4+, and I would under normal circumstances turn bullish on Tlabs at this price, but I'm not. Furthermore I'm hedging ALL long positions since this is 'A PERFECT STORM' in the making.

    • newsflash, moron!

      The Dems have controlled the Congress for two years, perhaps the lousiest two years in American history.

    • This country is in deep doo doo because you and your ilk voted in a simpleton President. The GWB administration will go down as the worst in the history of this great nation regardless of the "could be worse" fear mongering spread by you and the rest of the chicken hawk conservatives.

      Good news is the sane people of this nation are coming to their senses and will vote the Democrats into power in Congress and the White House.

    • That's better than being a faggot fuck that likes getting cornholed like bush has done to you for the last eight years. Why don't you offer your ass up for fucking bush.

    • If you think Iraq is a debacle wait until Obama gets a hold of the reins.

      Remember in under 3 hrs one day, on 9-11, the US encountered an event that cost us 100's of billions of dollars and killed thousands of innocent people.

      Guess what, there will be no better time to see another 9-11 then when the US is deep in a recession. Obama want's to get our troops out of Iraq to save a few bucks? Right, that will be the smart move - NOT!

      We are in deep doo doo as a nation -- we are a bunch of liberal-minded, head in the sand, mommy’s boys and we are about to experience Darwinian law play out.

      I hope you all took my advice and hedged all your long positions cause this market is headed south. An it ain't stopping at any border.

    • Dude, I'm certain I'm much wealthier than you. Why? Because I learned to think for myself rather than just parroting the talking points of the conservative babblers.

    • a lot of thought went into that reply. You should pat yourself.

      What TV show or movie had that line in it? Cracked me up too.

    • The Goth/Roman story is one the far left prefers to ignore.

      Apparently, they have a detailed plan to use beautiful oratory to talk the terrorists and Islamo-fascists into being our friends.

      That same oratory will be multi-tasked to accomplish all needed positive change on earth: it will stop all greenhouse gases (thus saving the earth), cure childhood diseases, bring water to the deserts of the world, and will convince the big bad businesses of the world to release those special inventions they have hidden away in secret mountain safes ---- you know, the carberator that runs on H2O and gets 250 miles to the gallon, the cold fusion reactor that can supply heat for a city of 22 million for 15 cents a day, etc.

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