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  • profitprophetgold profitprophetgold Dec 28, 2010 7:26 PM Flag

    TLAB up at least 15% in 2011

    I'm in around $6.45 so it will be a decent return on my investment.
    Everyone on this board seems way too hung up on the past. I like the fairly new CEO (not new to TLAB) and think he is making the right moves with more international focus.

    Buy more and lower your cost basis if you want to feel better when it returns to $8.00 a share in 2011.

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    • So basically you are saying $hitlabs is a good long term investment buying at $6.45 and selling at $8 compared to ciena 3 months ago was at 10.21....closed on the high today 21.24 and on its way to $25-30 dollars a share and a 3cent miss in earnings this qtr alone,and almost doubling in shareprice in 2-3 weeks time.and losing $3.58 a share to boot.And $hitlabs cant even rise with the overall market,something stinks.

    • Put the crackpipe down chief,markets are at 2-3 yr highs,the whole sector is flying wheres $hitlabs,the same shareprice its been in the past.As for pullen,hes a milker,just like birck and the board.pullen was cherrypicked by bircks good ol boys club,hes working on 3yrs of stagnation now,The street has no faith in any of them,thus the stagnate,nonmoving sharepricei think someone said it better.....a penny stock has more action.