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  • shareholder_in_residence shareholder_in_residence Oct 22, 2012 6:33 PM Flag

    what the hell going on with tlab ! who are the idiots at the top ! need to fire all the idiots at the top

    Hi Tlabcrooks, COULDN'T AGREE MORE. WORST bunch of #$%$ at the top I've ever seen.

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    • These #$%$,another layoff...thats 3 reorganizations in a year,nobodys running this company,constant millions in losses for one time charges for layoffs,board of directors still sleeping,who the #$%$ is looking out for shareholder value again?,an the big shareholders are screwing us too,they should be demanding all management and board fired asap!now that sprint and clearwire were sold its going to mean even less revenue...............nobody is running this company!!!!!!!