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  • tlabcrooks tlabcrooks Nov 15, 2012 7:09 AM Flag


    or should i say tom scottino or another milking insider,all these idiots are asleep,and have been for years and years,there is no value for the company,they continue to screw shareholders,how long does it take to find a new ceo,or replace board members,as for the ubs conference,big carriers are now in 4g these idiots are in 2-3g thats why they lost At&t biz that crippled them in 2010 and never recovered.Until all of board and management is ousted they will trade worthless! THEY COULD CARE LESS WHAT THE SHAREPRICE IS...OR FOR THE SHAREHOLDERS,the last decade of charts say it all for me,CLOWNS are running this company....period,the statements and past posts you spew are of a insider,siding with these clowns direction,give it a break!

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    • How much $ have you lost in this stock? You are beyond jaded regarding TLAB.

      BTW, I am not a TLAB insider. I have follwed TLABs for over a decade since my father first bought it in the 1990s and then bragged about what a great company TLABs was and that the stocks I picked were a joke. I recently read an article from the late 1990s where TLAB was going to buy CIEN for $7B in stock and walked away from the deal because AT&T said they would not buy CIEN equipment. Probably was a good move in the long run on TLAB's part cause Ciena imploded and then did a reverse split. Sounds like TLAB has been AT&T's little #$%$ for a long time and now at least they have diversified to be a global player. I have made good money on TLABS this year on 2 trades. My last purchase was in the low $3s and I didn't expect the stock to be pounded this low in light of 1)cash levels 2)restructuring plan that so far has prevented cash burn and 3)a company that yes indeed has positioned itself for growth in 4G.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Until Birck is ousted earlier than April 2012 and a new CEO from outside is appointed, this stock will continue to test new low. Another institutional investor who used to have a large shareholding have liquidated all their position in Tellabs last quarter.

    • Maybe anyone with a great resume wouldn't want to work there. Right a sinking ship, having to fight csco, jnpr,eric, alu, all of them much bigger. This company is a catastrophe. This was a sell years ago.