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  • lifeson99 lifeson99 Aug 20, 1998 5:30 PM Flag

    Nightmare on TLAB Street

    Bought at $84, it crashed to $69 - I said, "OK,
    well it's hit rock bottom now, just wait for it to go
    back up to $75 or so and cash out". Since then, $2 or
    so decline daily. Each time I say to myself, "OK now
    it's really hit bottom - hold on - maybe buy more - it
    can only go up from here".


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    • The horror ... The horror. Yes we all know that
      pain in the pit of our stomachs as we watched this
      baby plummet. I got in @ 63 and change and watched it
      go to the 90's and then watched it get crushed back
      down to this level. Welcome to Wall Street and high
      tech stocks.

      Look seriously at your investing
      time frame and then decide what to do with TLAB. If
      you can bear to stick it out and wait a year, I would
      say hold on. If you can't, then take the loss and
      move on. My personal feeling is that this company has
      too much going for it not to recover and move higher.
      Tellabs is extremely well positioned for the future. This
      setback is temporary.

    • Tough break.

    • or you bought on margin and are afraid of getting
      squeezed, I think you should probably stop watching the
      share price for a little while. No offense, but I don't
      think TLAB was ever worth 84 with or without CIEN,
      regardless of the fact it beat the estimates. At that point
      it had a P/E much higher than its projected rate of
      earnings growth with or without CIEN. However, I think
      TLAB is worth a solid 65-70 right now, and should snap
      back to that level as soon as the market gives it a
      chance. If the merger doesn't go through (long shot at
      this point), I recommend you sell on the mini-rally
      that will follow. Otherwise, just realize that,
      whatever happens short-term, you will be well above 84
      where you got in within a year. These guys know what
      they are doing, just give them a chance.

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      • I held TLAB for 1 year, from 65-90, back down to
        59. Just sold
        last week. I like TLAB, BUT CIEN may
        cause a short term problem
        the next quarter. Wall
        street adage, "when there is one roach,
        more follow".
        I am banking on TLAB (because of Cienna) to
        earnings, next quarter or revise estimates down... That
        sink TLAB to about 45 hopefully. That will be my entry
        After holding TLAB for one year 65,to 42, to 93, back
        to 59. I have come to a conclusion. Stick it to them
        before they stick it
        to you. Trade the bugger...
        Life99 hang in their, it is to late
        to bail out. TLAb
        is a good company, and WDM is the technology
        the future. I can empathize with you, since my one
        gain a good 12,000 vanished in 1 week. Regards, Rajesh

    • C-cube is the only semi that posted positive earnings in
      MPEG index and it now (lsi went down)