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  • Future_is_Fiber Future_is_Fiber Feb 17, 2004 12:56 PM Flag

    The Way It Really Is...

    Stop dreaming. Split will do NOTHING for SNDK short-term. If you're long just for the split, I hope you lose your ass. In fact, the best thing that can happen for SNDK short term is another capitulation to $47. That will shake out all the short-term idiots who think after Split they will double their money in a week! We want only long-term investors here not traders. Split or no split, SNDK will have the performance and stock will double from here within a year. But, this week, SNDK will be DOWN overall. It's the way it is. Live with it. Stop denying it. Take your short-term money and get lost...

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    • just kidding, buy the dips up to 55.

    • readytosplitreadytotriple readytosplitreadytotriple Feb 17, 2004 3:24 PM Flag

      Split adjusted... $47 by April 1st

      If that happens then a few of the shorts here are going to be April Fools

    • true. If it just goes up 2% a day, in 30 days we'll be at $94.

    • In order for it to go up ANOTHER 10% tomorrow, it must first go up 10% today (currently up 2.5%). I think most of you are like me and lack patience. What is wrong with it rising another dollar tomorrow? Why does it have to rise over $5 tomorrow to meet your estimates? Why...cause we all lack patience and want to make our millions and billions tomorrow.
      Take a deep breath-relax-it'll probably move up slowly from here-though-no one likes to hear slowly.

    • It may be wishful thinking but

      If I were short then I'd start covering today!

      Target: Up $20% by next week

      Go SNDK !!!!

    • Agreed, a split should do nothing for the stock price.
      Agreed, long term (within 12 months) this stock will probably double.

      Disagree, that the stock will be down �this week�

      In a typical year a stock split announcement would cause a run up at the time of its announcement, the stock would slowly drift down in the months prior to the split, then the stock would rise again running into the split. The day of the split would then trigger the typical sell on news action.

      Sandisk has not followed the typical pattern. It has been trading down or sideways since the split was announced.

      It is quite possible that the split will bring a bit of good press, analyst upgrades and new investors to the stock.

      Expect this stock to hit $60 by this time next week (hardly a double)
      True longs will hold on for much higher numbers

      Good luck to all SNDK investors !!! Especially, Takman... The only woman here with enough guts to place a personal target of $47 by April 1st. ($94 pre-split)

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      • The problem with SNDK's split is that EVERYONE and their brothers assume SNDK will go up after the split, hence everyone has already bought, hence no more buying short-term, hence no quick upside. High expectations a contrarian indicator.

        We need people to be disgusted, confused, upset, angered and bemused with SNDK. SNDK must drop off of the radar screens. That's the only way we get a sustained rally. SNDK must screw the short-term investors. They deserve it. I want to retire from SNDK not make a quick $1000.

      • February 17, 2004 10:00:00 (ET)

        SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb 17, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA), the global voice of fabless and hybrid semiconductor companies and their foundry and supply-chain partners, announces the top ten fabless companies by calendar year 2003 and Q4 2003 revenue.

        QUALCOMM's (QCOM, Trade) CDMA Technologies (QCT) division led all public fabless companies in sales for the year with $2.5 billion. Broadcom (BRCM, Trade) was second with $1.8 billion, while NVIDIA (NVDA, Trade) was third with $1.6 billion. Others in the top ten included ATI Technologies (ATYT, Trade), Xilinx (XLNX, Trade), MediaTek (TSE:2454), SanDisk (SNDK, Trade), Altera (ALTR, Trade), Marvell Technology (MRVL, Trade) (estimated revenue) and Conexant (CNXT, Trade), respectively.

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