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  • mks4fun mks4fun Aug 7, 2006 2:15 PM Flag

    Observations and such:

    Ok, no pending moves have been signalled for some time. So I'm stopping that thread.

    We move to other signals for directions on what to do.

    DISCLAIMER: at this time I have NO position due to a 'gut' feeling. Likely because it seems to be acting strangely and I dont have CLEAR signals, er, rather ones that my lying eyes want to see! lol

    Obviously; the down cycle is ending, we shall rise now, likely to about the .50 area at least.

    We ahve had two larger down cycles basically back to back so it would SEEM appropriate to ahve a nice up cycle.

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    • Well, for SNDK my X is 4 and so we have failed to go lower 4 times. Normally; I would go long here. But I wont because my gut says lower.

      I'd wait for a sure fire signal before taking a position.... whats' that little voice? speak up!

    • up 10 cents,, ohh wait down 30 cents no go short, wait noo up 25cents go long now...blah,blah..Ill hold long and cash in big and not pay the taxes you do enjoy your penny change and capital gain taxes thats just not my deal..

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      • Thanks for your post. We have different trading styles.

        I can pull 3 or 4 TIMES the amount of money out of a given stock by MY method of trading vs. yours..

        IF I were only to trade 1k blocks, I have only to move a stock .02 to BE on commissions. Lets just use 1k trades... price moves .10 I gain 80$ and ALL I did was CLICK my finger... few clicks = $80 for 1k.

        Assume I trade 3k blocks, it's even MORE profitable. Fixed $20 comission, grab $280 for a few clicks on a .10 move. And for a 5k block its $480! and so on...

        I'm 'here' anyway, why not make every minute pay?

        Thanks for your advice, but I'd rather read the charts and act accordingly and grab some profit along the way...

        Ohh... are you looking at the chart? Not the 20 min delayed one...

        IF you knew my posts were HIGHLY accurate then you would have saved yourself some pocket change.

        Ok, so I will pull out a few dollars movement of profit today while you have a few cents out, oh, wait, you likely had a few cents LOSS today...


        Wish you the best!

      • just to further expand on my obersavations how many millionaires day trade the best and greatest investors of all time buffet to name one were investors and made their cash off of holding growing companies and cashing in off of their stock splits, dividends, etc......just my observation...

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