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  • SNCK SNCK Nov 17, 2006 6:13 PM Flag

    Brokerage account recomendations?

    I am currently with Ameritrade and have an IRA with BoA.

    BoA website is worthless IMO and Ameritrade site has been down one to many times at critical times.

    I really like Ameritrades Quote Streamer, charts etc, and free Level II quotes for active traders. Is there anyone familiar with Ameritrade that knows of a broker with similar or superior trading tools?

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    • SNCK, Scottrade may be worth a looksie. Ameritrade was great out of the gate 7 years ago, but it appears that Scottrade has got some decent programmers / IT staff etc. and has caught up if not surpassed. They are definately worth a look, especially the Scottrade Elite version of their software (but of course you have to have 25K in your Scottrade account to be able to download and use this software and since you just run snack shops, well ya know! LMAO, and just kidding of course) Their streamer works 99%+ of the time and accurate 99.99% of the time and the trades seem to be flawless and seem to be able to get the best going price. On their main (non-elite streamer) you can even enter a stock symbol with a $ in the front of it and get bids and asks from all MMs. Scottrade has had some problems with options quotes in the past, but I believe that they have fixed this now... at least according to the conversation that I had last week with the guys here in the local office. Fxxk options anyway with volatile stocks like SNDK, just do shares and hang on for the long haul is what I say. Another massive move is just around the corner I really believe.

    • I assure you, it's NOT Scottrade.!!

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