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  • BumbleB572 BumbleB572 Jul 8, 2007 10:21 AM Flag

    sndk_rock1 is a known pumper - just ignore

    I have been here mostly reading since feb 06 and sr1 has been here for as long as i know and maybe longer. now why would he pump a stock that has gotten killed since that point from 80 down to 49 and as low as as 35 i believe.the only pumpers in here are the shorts like sal with his 35 aliases. i have owned since 53 and have avearged down since then and enjoy the commentary but ignoring the same assholes after a while gets annoying..


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    • believe me, SR1 was pumping this trash here when it was $79, he was convincing everyone SNDK would hit $100 next week and have a split....
      since the top about 18 months ago sr1 has become a really sad, even tragic person here on this board.
      the guy is completely insane, believe me, any psychiatrist would send the guy to the mad house or at least have him treated.

      when the company screws him over and over again, sometimes he does have the balls to admit his mistake and disappear for a day or two, sometimes even for a week!
      However; then he comes back with a vengence, with new completely insane ideas.

      this guy is THE pumper of SNDK; he has had numerous ID's here on YHOO, which kept getting banned one by one.

      Longs beware of him, his facts and numbers are usually made up. Anything he says should be taken with a truck of salt. Dont get sucked into this memory company, which has already had its "run".

      the way to play here is by shorting the stock or even better, by buying long term put options.


    • Don't believe what you read. He and his gang made a ton of money on the short side when he claimed to be long. And in February, he told everyone he was getting out at the exact bottom. That is when he actually went long.

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