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  • backfire2004 backfire2004 Sep 18, 2008 10:42 AM Flag


    Everyone knows that Samsung bid is $26 and declined. Toshiba willing to bid much higher even Samsung is willing to raise its bid however price still in $22. Something strange! Well hold it tight.

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    • Did you see news related to LEH? South Korean bank reported they offered LEH $6 per share last Friday and were turned down. Why announce that today? Perhaps friends at Samsung asked them to as a reminder to SNDK about the imprudence of rejecting a good offer in these parlous times.

      Talk of SNDK future value wishful thinking. What is important is value today as that discounts the future. Other stocks have no problem trading at rich valuation where future value is perceived. Look at CRM! You want a $50 stock next year? Sell SNDK at 26 and find another stock that will double from these depressed levels. I think majority of investors want Samsung cash today to reinvest elsewhere.

    • Good lord.. after reading this same type of message here several times finally I have to ask- have you ever seen or even been in a situation similar to this before? Christ- this is very basic..

      If a company announces a purchase say at 40 a share on XYZ company? the stock will trade below that number until the closing date nears.. UUnless of course theres a bidding war in which case it goes higher.

      SNDK shareholders held the gains after the Samsung announcement.. Its waiting now to see if it gets nasty or if they raise the price or better yet tashiba comes in.

      Not to mention that this entire market is in play now.. SNDK news is being forgotten, which is a wonderfull thing because folks like me are adding.

      I expect a deal between 35-40..T he stock price will appreciate into the weekend..

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      • That could not be true if you answered howmuch MSFT bif for YHOO. Look howmuch traded after the bid:
        14-Feb-08 29.98 30.25 29.75 29.98 38,045,600 29.98
        13-Feb-08 29.78 30.07 29.60 29.88 57,029,100 29.88
        12-Feb-08 29.81 29.84 29.40 29.57 42,428,500 29.57
        11-Feb-08 29.89 30.05 29.32 29.87 67,131,500 29.87
        8-Feb-08 28.98 29.22 28.71 29.20 55,360,800 29.20
        7-Feb-08 28.63 29.19 28.60 29.04 44,248,800 29.04
        6-Feb-08 29.11 29.33 28.53 28.57 55,493,900 28.57
        5-Feb-08 28.78 29.57 28.75 28.98 68,583,700 28.98
        4-Feb-08 28.33 29.50 28.33 29.33 144,781,100 29.33
        1-Feb-08 28.68 29.83 27.34 28.38 438,180,400 28.38
        31-Jan-08 18.87 19.35 18.72 19.18 41,125,100 19.18
        It was traded higher than the bid.

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