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  • rebeldoe rebeldoe Apr 27, 2009 11:54 AM Flag

    The pumpers have found that the big money

    Only an idiot would say that a stock that has risen from 5.07 to 16.00 in less tha 5 months is a loser. Why do you say such stupid things? Investors,which I doubt that you are one,look to see where a company is going and not where they have been.

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    • Let's see where it winds up, not was it was 5 months ago. And, my friend, this company is not making money. If you think otherwise, keep investing. It's your money. My money has been short since it peaked after earnings report. Thank you. Now if making money or wanting to make money, whether going long when the stock was in the low single digits or going short when it was at or near 16 is communicating a "stupid things," then you, my friend, give new meaning to that definition. I suggest you look at what's stupid or smart from the perspective of the market player. We can both be smart or in your case arguably challenged.

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      • I ask only that you be consistent in your comments. Period. So far you have been a basher who belittles those who don't agree with you. This company is a very dangerous company to short. As you say ,time will tell. Hope you are still here for the final result. I will be. By the way, I'm not your friend, nor your enemy.

      • In your opposition's defense, I think what he was driving at was what you expect to see out of a short at $16? Are you looking for $5 or $8 or $15? Depending on that number, shorting a stock in a pretty clear intermediate term uptrend for big percentage gains is a bet against the trend. That is not typically what experienced traders do. Rather, spotting a break in a trend or some extreme overbought condition would be a signal to go countertrend . Those conditions are not evident regarding SNDK. Indeed, your focus appears to be on fundamental factors that are well-known to the markets. There is no way the stock went from $5 to $16 if the fundamentals were a surprise. On the other hand, a surprise would be something along the lines of Samsung not renewing a licensing agreement and the rest of the world saying that it could care less with no countervailing offsetting business going to SNDK. Speculating that both of those events occur may sound like a good bet to you, but I wouldn't make that bet myself.

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