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  • sandisk_rocks1 sandisk_rocks1 Dec 15, 2009 11:07 AM Flag



    what is your problem with me? I don't ever recall cursing at you, nor have I done much posting at all lately. Then monk no more out of the blue decides to write an open letter asking me to stop cursing. Wow! Like I said, haven't posted much, and have been relatively toned down as well, and I still get messages like this. Sheesh.......

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    • Back already and you were right. Jessica ate pizza although she was more famous for thinking tuna was chicken. What a couple of rich dummies. Only in the good old u s of a. If you don't reapond I will know that you made good on that threat to kill you.

    • There you go again making threats,wanting to kill something. We at least agree on the obama thing. And, of course, SNDK. I've got to do some research on the paris hilton thing. I thought that was jessica simpson.

    • For the record, I am very conservative and the sight of Obama wants to make me vomit.....

      ...and 6'1", 200 even....I would call myself kind of a "god-like speciman".....if I were full of myself....but I'm not....and I like the forceful talk....if your truck were here, I'd be washing it all that Paris Hilton hamburger like that?

      bwaaahahahaah....I kill me!

    • You know I figure you must be an obama liberal along the lines of schumer who got in trouble on the plane yesterday for calling the airline lady a bitch because she told him to turn off his cell phone. I wonder if he called her an idiot ,too. That old cliche about history always repeating itself is just that an old cliche used by people who can't come up with anything original. I don't care what SNDK did 5 or 6 years ago. I'm only interested in what they are doing today and I like what I see. When that changes so will I. 200's? That covers a range of 99 pounds. I see you as a fat ass and not much else. Now get off that fat ass and get your own coffee. And come wash my truck. I don't worry about you but I do hope that you make some money with SNDK.

    • There you go again, worried about me....Look at my posts Rebel, I had several, up until 9:30 PM last night (I'm on central time)....I tend to post more when there is price action on our little stock fresh 52-week closing highs.

      ....on the past, your an idiot if you own that many shares and do not have a thorough understanding of the stocks history. History repeats itself all the time.....which is why I kept buying all the way into single digits....I knew supply/demand would eventually shift, even if it took years, and the stock would do what it always does (is doing) when it went back in our favor.

      Hey, in case your interested, and you sure seem to be....I'm 6'1", 200#'s and I have thick brown hair that you can run your fingers through!

      Now....where's my coffee bitch!

    • Sillier by the minute. The fact that you never post after 4:00 P.M. tells me that you work a normal shift and then go home. I don't believe that you are working yourself too hard. Good luck with your investment and the ghosts of investments past that haunt you. Contrary to what you say stock performances from years past have little to do with present conditions. Times change and winners change with the times.

    • "Unlike you I have no schedule and answer to no one."

      There you go know nothing about me or how much I work or have to work. I've added a lot to this board..mostly stuff I found for my benefit but shared here.....and I do bitch about the past....the past is relevent to the future.

      Now I'm going to give you someone to answer to....ME! Now STFU and bow to me bitch....your new boss!

      "NUKE SAMSUNG"!!!!!!!!!


    • OOOH you've got us all quaking in our boots.

    • As I said in my prior post, I am retired. I don't work. I've put in my 30 and no longer work. I have nothing but time. Unlike you I have no schedule and answer to no one. You let go and so will I. Your relevent posts about SNDK primarily are about past abuses and Eli. I tend to look forward and not backward. You tend to rehash old news about past mistakes.Remember that NOTHING anyone posts here makes any difference about how SNDK will perform in the next few months.

    • Really? You post as much as I do....and at least I post info relevent to are most concerned with what others are doing (and saying), please let this go.

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