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  • doctorkarma doctorkarma Feb 10, 2000 5:55 PM Flag

    13 on Island eom


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    • nicely and more importantly
      lphl is moving
      ahead with their plans.

      executing the early
      stages of a grand plan!!

      i for one am very
      excited about the
      upside potential here.

      leisure travel is a huge success and the ipo
      is well
      recieved.the travel business fetches
      a cap of 1 billion a
      year from now.
      clive and lphl invest in 6 small up
      and coming tech companies over that same
      average ownership is 10%.
      of those 6 small global
      one is a grand slam with a cap of 5
      while the other 5 average an incrrease
      from time of
      investment of 400 million each.
      clive and lphl start
      another majority
      owned investment as well.a technology
      infrastructure company.say a partnership
      with insp is formed
      for the venture and lphl owns 55% and a cap of 1
      is reached in a year.

      this is obviously not
      gonna be easy,but this
      is what i'm hoping to see
      over the next 12 months here--

      if that all were
      to happen.....
      lphl would be sitting in the range
      of 200-300.

      how about that?!


      • 2 Replies to mpwr
      • If this is what you are waiting for, then you
        should not be investing in stocks. Buy lottery tix

        I am long LPHL, but unreasonable
        expectations will only hurt the stocks performance in the long

        We all choose stocks that we percieve as
        undervalued, then wait for the value to become apparent and
        the stock price to go up. It's funny however how some
        folks think that just because they bought it, now
        everyone else will too. As if your individual buy is going
        to become the catalyst that launches the

        Get a grip. If what you forecast were to happen over
        the next ten years, I'd be more than happy. All that
        LPHL has acomplished in the last year is just a
        fraction of what you are asking them to do in the coming

        Get a grip on reality!

      • I'm sure you can't spell the word
        'pessimistic'.lol, I don't know if all this sound very realistic,
        but it's sure soft for the ears....
        I really want
        to thank you and Mr Bugay for the constant stream of
        valuable info supporting
        Good luck

    • but would like to make one more comment. CNN
      invested $30 million in the Leisure Planet online travel
      agency. CNN to my knowledge is a division on Time-Warner
      which will become a part of AOL. Could the AOL merger
      with Time-Warner be considered a significant
      Thanks would be interested in comments.