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  • rexobXIP rexobXIP Feb 11, 2000 3:15 PM Flag

    13 on Island eom

    If this is what you are waiting for, then you
    should not be investing in stocks. Buy lottery tix

    I am long LPHL, but unreasonable
    expectations will only hurt the stocks performance in the long

    We all choose stocks that we percieve as
    undervalued, then wait for the value to become apparent and
    the stock price to go up. It's funny however how some
    folks think that just because they bought it, now
    everyone else will too. As if your individual buy is going
    to become the catalyst that launches the

    Get a grip. If what you forecast were to happen over
    the next ten years, I'd be more than happy. All that
    LPHL has acomplished in the last year is just a
    fraction of what you are asking them to do in the coming

    Get a grip on reality!

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    • maybe you could teach me how to invest some

      and to be honest with you.....
      i wasn't saying i
      expected all those things in one was a what if?it
      was my way
      of pointing out the truly huge upside
      that we have here.

      if you don't like it......go
      drop your
      head in a pile of donkey

      have a nice day!

      • 1 Reply to mpwr
      • I'm long on this stock and feel it has great
        potential. It was not my intent to offend you. I just feel
        that a lot of longs, myself included, are very
        critical of shorts who paint unsubstantiated doom and
        gloom scenarios. If we don't want spamming shorts on
        the board, then i just feel it is better that we
        longs don't hype. It just gives the shorts more

        I appreciate your enthusiasm for LPHL and again
        sincerely apologize for any ill will.

        Here's to the
        long term success of LPHL!