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  • maui4marko maui4marko Mar 14, 2012 11:01 PM Flag

    Pump-free post

    >> Just for monk LOL. Hard to argue that Nautilus doing the landowners right could be classified as pumping.

    The third consultative forum on the Solwara 1 project held in Kokopo, East New Britain province recently has moved a lot of issues and an agreement is expected to be signed next month.

    Wed, 14 Mar 2012
    PORT MORESBY, PNG (THE NATIONAL) ----- The third consultative forum on the Solwara 1 project held in Kokopo, East New Britain province recently has moved a lot of issues and an agreement is expected to be signed next month. The undertaking given by all stakeholders in the consultations came about after parties at the meeting discussed and resolved a lot of questions raised in a previous forum held last year in Kavieng, New Ireland province. Those who attended the meeting included representatives from New Ireland and East New Britain provincial governments, national government agencies, Petromin, and project developer Nautilus Inc. Mineral Resources Authority’s executive director – development coordination division, Philip Samar, said the main issues discussed at the meeting were those relating to the benefits sharing agreement proposal and commitments by the various stakeholders. “The signing of the agreement will see the establishment of a school of mining with a discipline in off-shore mining to be based at the PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment and the setting up of a national disaster fund that could be accessed speedily in the event of an emergency. “A draft agreement is now being finalised to incorporate all proposals and changes agreed to at the Kokopo meeting and is expected to be signed in April, 2012. “The Solwara 1 project is the world’s first undersea mining project that will be carried out in the Bismarck Sea 30km out of New Ireland and 50km East New Britain respectively. “The project will engage the use of robotic instruments in its operations and is expected to have a lifespan of three years. “The state, through its holding company, Petromin, has agreed to take out the full 30% option in the project as allowed for under PNG’s Mining Act 1992.”

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    • I'm glad Nautilus takes the high road, versus "sweeping it under the rug". And I'm sure the locals wouldn't appreciate your unsavory tone monk.

      Wondering if you've ever invested in a junior minor before? You don't appear to understand that this risk exists in nearly every place junior minors work and disrespecting the locals, trampling over their rights, then sweeping it all under the rug doesn't cut it. Oh that's right, you're not an investor you're a day trader with a family to feed. You don't care about locals, only profits. Got it.

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      • Wow, that is amazing how you can get get msg board posts deleted with your multiple accounts. Doesn't do much for your credibility though. Can you rate this at 5 stars too so that people are aware of your antics?

        How is having a debate going with yourself working out for you anyway? Going to report this one as abuse or harassment?

        Marko, you are becoming a joke, might have to get a trouble ticket started on you with Yahoo.

      • No, not a seasoned message board pumper like you Marko. Hey... what happened to my post? Deleted? What for? So no one can see it? Only your 5 star rated posts? Who is rating your posts at 5 star? It wouldn't be you and your 12 other yahoo accounts could it? You really are quite dubious at this aren't you?

        Your multiple accounts just shows you as a scammer and pumper, working the long con for the likes of NIA and Stansberry. Can't wait for the summer Marko. What is it going to be this time? Another "Gold Sands"?

        Let's see how long this post stays up!

    • To be honest, this landowners squabble is a downright nasty thing for NUS and I wouldn't be ringing the bell on this one Marko, I would be trying to sweep it under the rug. It shows the instability of the PNG government and how petty government agents and the populace could tie NUS up in the courts as Joe Blow claim rights on seafloor 160 miles away from their dirt shack inherited from Papa Ungabunga.

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