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  • irr_seeker irr_seeker Oct 11, 2001 12:52 PM Flag

    May go up but overvalued

    More buying than selling drives the market up and that is why INTC is up. This rally may continue short term.

    But long term this stock cannot continue to trade at 38x next year's projected earnings. Dem's bubble numbers.

    This company has the same revenue as it did 3 year's ago. Microprocessors will become commoditized. Margins will continue to shrink, as will ASPs. Market share will decline over time.

    Pre-bubble, this stock traded at 20x earnings in good times. Earnings will shrink, and so will the multiple.

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    • Price of intc is rigged,there is no honest trading here belive me, it is all about manipulation , people dont even know what pe is let alone calculating the fact that it will take 30 years for intc to earn the to days share price.

    • Did you ever think of the possibility that Intel's earnings could go up? What do you think will happen to that P/E ratio and the market value of Intel when that happens? I bet you think those analysts are going to tell you when that's going to happen. NOT!!!!!! At least not until after it happens and they have been long Intel for months.

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      • When you're dealing with people who are short, they never take in the big picture. With shorts, prices only go down, hardly ever up. It's probably easy to make money shorting, because all you have to do is join in unison t bad mouth a stock. It's easier to say bad things thatn good. And if the price goes up, well, that can't be the recovery in the price--it must be just a bunch of sorry losers who are throwing their money at a 'worthless' stock.

        It's easy to be a short, because shorts aren't real investors--they're just gambling. Sooner or later guys, the house wins.

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