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  • thosehayden thosehayden Jul 21, 2002 7:01 PM Flag

    If INTC ever has to report options..

    It will never happen, it would cost too much. The only alternative will be to quit granting rank and file workers options, then they will revolt, start voting out congressmen etc. Too much lobbying against it. It would crush our economy worse than a plane flying into a large building. I'm not saying it shouldn't happen, just that it wont.

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    • You're missing the bigger picture...

      As the market compresses under the scandals and accounting manipulation(i.e. option expensing) affects everyone...not just the out of control techies that are abusing the options game. There are A LOT more "average joes" out there who are getting caught in downdraft by the effects of option abuse.... than the actual techies who are hooked on options.

      These people have alot more collective votes than the option junkies of techland. When this is over....and the reality is just starting to sink in.... there will be plenty of heads rolling.


      The bulk of these casualties will be anyone who continues to hide behind the BIG options expensing lie.

      Time to pay the piper.



    • Guess money stays out of the market with the biggest lie of non expensed options not being reported. The masses need to know accounting policies have integrity and will just protect themselves in cash or other places while falsehoods are in the financials. A long slope downhill until things change. Yes, traders will pop it up for a month here and there only to see lower stock prices in the future. Hope you are on the right end of month movement.

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