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  • stoptheinsanity2000 stoptheinsanity2000 Aug 2, 2002 2:18 PM Flag

    End is near - capitulate!!

    We are Ma & Pa......You Idiot!!!....Don't you get it yet....It isn't shorts bringing the country down.....It's those idiots in the Whitehouse you voted for doing it. You didn't want 8 more years of prosperity, you wanted what we have now. The only resort is to short.

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    • Can someone explain why shorts are saying that it is Bush's fault that the economy/country are in such a mess? Does anyone really think Uncle Al would have done a better job? Really?

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      • Look what what Bush is "doing" about the economy -- threatening execs with (more) jail time for fraud. Basically he's focusing on blame rather than looking for a cure.

        I don't know about Gore, but Clinton tended to focus on things that would make a real difference, like reducing unemployment.

      • A few things to consider:

        1) Bush is an oilman. Oilmen make more money when the price of oil is higher. Just take a look at the pump. Now $1.55/gal, 3 years ago $1.15/gal. Companies like Intel make less money when the price of oil is higher because their costs of doing business are higher.

        2) The Arab oil cartel agreed to lower oil production just after Bush started running for president in early 2000, in the midst of a Bull market and while demand for oil was high. That put the Kabosh on the BULL Market. Uncle All raised rates in response to head off inflation.

        3) Bush started an energy related business with Osama Bin-ladens' older brother in the early 80's. Something is very fishy with the whole Bin-Laden/terrorist non-sense. The timing is very suspect.

        3) There's a lot of oil in Northern Afghanistan, and of course iRaq. Cheney's company Haliburton is a drilling and rigging company.

        The people in charge of our government are in the energy business, and profit from higher costs. Everyone else loses when energy costs are high. You wanted this? This is what you voted for. Maybe you should realize that the bottom line is money. You need to know how your candidate and his constituents are going to profit. If it suits your needs, then vote for him. Not too many people can benefit from G.W. Bushs intentions, but there are a select few, you're just not one of them.

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